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bev posts on 1/31/2007 8:02:22 AM I just read that we lost a great author- Mt Sheldon passed away yesterday- I give my condolences to the family and say that the literary world suffered a great loss.I have read every one of his novels and have a large collection of them in my library. I was looking forward to the next one to come out. I always picture in my mind how it would be portrayed on TV and who would star in it. I will now have to reread all my books again.
Rubina Mir posts on 1/3/2007 12:20:51 PM This mesg is for MANDIPA. i do have lot of his books and if you wantthem please do let me know your add i would love to send them to you.I live in canada and i have a good collection
PETER WILLIAMS posts on 1/1/2007 12:27:51 AM When is your next book coming out? We need many more and cant wait!

Sally Wise posts on 12/29/2006 1:03:57 PM I have all your books you have written that I am aware of. I have been reading and collecting your books for over 25 years! I am currently trying to get a list of all your books to be sure I have not missed any. I live in a rural area of Pennsylvania and sometimes it is hard to get them.
sulkshana posts on 12/26/2006 8:06:29 PM May I know exactly how many books has Sidney Sheldon has written?I've read only 12 books, so I wanted 2 know about all available books.May I also know the birthdate of my favourite writer...Sidney Sheldon?
MANDIPA posts on 12/21/2006 6:03:34 AM I am a zimbabwean who love Sydney Sheldon Books but hey they are nowhere to be found in the bookshops save for if you get one with it please help me send me any book. So far i have read If tommorow comes Sands of times rage of angels best laid plans tell me your dreams morning noon and night Please if you have more write to me especially Nothing Lasts forever Mandy
Jewel posts on 12/21/2006 12:43:40 AM I've read & colect all the books of sidney sheldon available in bangladesh.but i can't collect a complete list of the master story can i get this?
kathy nerosa posts on 12/17/2006 3:45:32 PM i really love his books... i love the characters of his novels... i sometimes think am the main lady character of his novels... :-)
Rubina Mir posts on 11/27/2006 2:56:04 PM Hi Ira, please tell me your add i will send you this book of sidney sheldon. I have a good collection.or write to me your email to correspond.
Ira R posts on 11/26/2006 10:22:01 PM love to read "Tell me your dreams" novel. so unpredictable. and I need this book in english versoin, but it's too expensive to have one in english version... I'm learning english now and by reading good novel like yours, help me to improve my english and much vocabularys i can get... anyone could help??? :)
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