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Azocar, Luis posts on 10/19/2006 7:25:46 PM Master Sheldon: I've red almost all of your novels and I enjoyed them very much (spanish version). I wish a long life to you and I hope to continue reading your books for many years else.
posts on 10/12/2006 9:50:57 AM how many of sydney sheldon's work have movies based on the books? and which of the books?
posts on 10/8/2006 11:57:27 AM we are in our 60s and thirsting to read more of your books.please write more to quench our thirst.luv n god bless

posts on 9/29/2006 4:18:19 PM I am looking for Sidney Sheldon's Master of the Game on DVD. Does anybody know where I can get it?
posts on 9/28/2006 12:51:58 PM Do you have a list of your books matched with movies on DVD's? I took three of your books to Fry's and asked if they had those three titles on DVD and they couldn't find one. I would like to have your book and if it is made into a movie I would like the corresponding DVD. Thank you. Fred
posts on 9/22/2006 12:21:30 AM If you are looking for books of sidney sheldon , Then let me know where you live Sandip? I can send them to you I have almost all his books, think it is a gift for the sake of such a wondeful write i can donate his books to his fans.
posts on 9/21/2006 3:58:45 PM I hope Mr Sheldon reads these messages. I have read most of his books and bought the above book finally in hardbook. I know this has nothing to do with Mr. Sheldon and has nothing to do with this but pages 331 to 355 were missing (not torn out) and I had to go to the library and get the missing update as I bought the book on holidays. There is no way to contact William Morris Agency and I am very annoyed.
posts on 9/16/2006 6:00:20 PM Robin L. Mason Have you checked with the writer Ann Rule? She writes true crime and does it very well. She lives in Washington State. Some of her books have been made into movies such as the one about Diane Downs that shot her 3 children, ...And Never Let Her Go.. about a murder in Delaware. I read anything of hers that comes out. She is a former police officer and, oh yeah, she worked and then wrote about Ted Bundy The Stranger Beside Me. Maybe she can help.
posts on 9/16/2006 3:18:07 PM i read "windmills on fire and if tomorrow comes ,i am totally in love with his writing capability and now i m following his every novel but not getting the e_books kindly someone plz help me out this problem .
posts on 8/25/2006 8:23:06 AM You have moved our hearts and minds in terror,suspence and suprise with your undisputed proffessional writting you are great sheldon and i will never stop reading your novels ever no matter how often.If any one has not read any sheldon novel,you are missing alot!
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