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Betty posts on 4/17/2011 6:18:44 AM I am reading Midnight & the meaning of love, it's the follow up story - part 2. I've been waiting and following up on when part 2 would be released. I am half way done with the book and can not put it down. The story picks right up from the first book, love it! I LOVE MIDNIGHT! This man is like no man I know, but should. I want to thank SS for your contributions to American literature. I've enjoyed reading all of SS books. She is a wonderful writer. I recommend reading part 2!
midnight posts on 4/13/2011 12:14:32 AM For those who don't know sister souljah has made another midnight which was released today
Anubis posts on 1/28/2011 4:58:06 PM Loved the book. Great impact. Learning lesson. More men should be like Midnight. I know I aspire to be. He's strong. Honors his mother. I'm not Muslim, but I don't need that to be a good man. CWE takes place after Midnight, remember Midnight is older and works for Santiaga. Nowhere does it mention Akemi, Naja or Umma. I hope nothing bad happens to them, but they are not present in CWE.

fabulous 50 posts on 1/11/2011 5:51:17 PM SS is a phenoomenal writer. I am torn between the CWE and Midnight. I am in no way upset with the representation of AA women or AA men. Really why are the morals. In 2011 now, it is sad to say that the behavior of the majority of our black youth is deplorable. I say dare to be different. I really do hope there is a sequel to Midnight because the ending is extremely unexpected. I would love to see a little more detail of this story on the big screen.
solomon posts on 11/17/2010 12:53:04 AM This is one of the best books I have ever read, I could not put it down. I actually got on here to find out about the sequel because I knew there had to be one the way the story abruptly ended. I enjoyed the tie in of the different detailed cultural aspects. I myself took the things to mind that she mentions about the way Americans tend to live life, as they are very true statements for the majority, which includes myself. In response to "areader": SS does not portray woman as needing to stay pure and men can do whatever! Did you read and understand the whole meaning? Sudanese men are not permitted by Allah to go "into" a woman unless they are married to them and supporting them and any child they may make, they should not stare at woman too long...etc. As for the polygomy and the covering of the face and hair, that is cultural and something that should be respected. Did you forget the main character remained a virgin until he married his love? Enough said. I will DEFINITELY be waiting for part 2 to hit the shelves AND be first in line : )
Plain Jayne posts on 9/15/2010 12:02:16 PM I really liked Midnight. Although a lot of people feel that the murder of the two people in the book were unjustified, I can see why Midnight was compelled to commit them. With Gold Star Tafari, he killed him to protect his mother, which is what his mission in life was throughout the novel. He felt that this man was a threat who would not stop his relentless pursuit of Umma. The second murder, of Conflict, was done purely for his protection. He could tell that Conflict was a jealous guy who would do anything to stop Heavenly from leaving him and it was clear that his jealousy of Midnight was escalating dangerously. I don't feel that these murders were senseless, I feel like Midnight did what he felt he had to. As for the argument about Black girls only being portrayed as loose, one must pay attention to the setting. The book takes place in the projects of New York. Clearly the people Midnight encounters have to coincide with that type of setting. If he were just being relentlessly pursued by white girls in the hood and had to fight off aggressive Asian girls, the story would lose credibility because one would wonder "Why are there white/asian girls standing outside his apartment building in the midst of the drug dealers and gang members waiting nervously for a glimpse of Midnight?" Overall, I think that Sistah Souljah did a great job of explaining the thoughts, opinions, and views of a young man who is forcibly uprooted and placed into a society that regularly contradicts his religious beliefs. Like so many other readers of the novel, I wish so many questions weren't left unanswered. I can't wait until this is made into a movie, however, I hope that if this does happen, the story focuses around Midnight as a story in itself, without ties to "The Coldest Winter Ever."
asf posts on 8/23/2010 12:36:58 PM I think point blank that the book "Midnight" was a well written book with a story one could understand. I think that anyone who has a problem with the way ss wrote the story must be American born sorry to say. I my self am from America, born and raised and was enticed in the story at how we as Americans can be dumb deaf and blind to so much. I always wonder myself why it is that so many immigrants come here with so much pride and adoration for their culture and beliefs whereas in America although we raise our flags on the important holidays and say the pledge of aligance at ballgames we really have no culture, no true beliefs, no real background information to lean on! I too came on here hoping to find information on hopefully a #2 to Midnight"! As I am intrigued by the story of culture, learning, understanding, hope, faith, love, diversity, traditions, and gangersterism that ss's story captured no ifs ands or buts!
Brandon thomas posts on 8/2/2010 10:39:42 PM Hi i read your book it was amazing i really loved it it was exciting but the ending was not wat i expected but am sure there is another part it has to be lol but another thing i would love to see this book as a movie honestly please work on that for us reader of this book especially me Thanks
paige norris posts on 6/30/2010 3:17:43 PM Midnight is not the sequel to the Coldest Winter Ever. I believe that midnight was a great book and The Coldest Winter Ever was awesome and that book was used to catch the young african american eye. The Midnight was used to bring the reality to the african youth.Everyone read the book looking for the sequel and got some thing or nothing out of it about moral beliefs.
Shamira posts on 6/14/2010 5:55:14 PM This book was very good . As others , I appreciated the amount of time she had to have put into researching all the information she included . I thoroughly enjoyed being able to learn a lot about different cultures . I actually just finished reading it about 10 mins ago and immediately jumped on the web to see if there was any information on there being a sequel to this book . The way that it ended seemed as though there should be a part two to address him going to Japan to get Akemi . And possibly even a part three to kind of get into how got involved with Santiaga . I'm actually kind of confused as to how the The Coldest Winter Ever had anything to do with this . It's throwing me off a bit , unless of course there will be a second part to this . I hope there is and I hope there can be some kind of closure to the whole matter . After all , its the reason I was interested in reading at all .
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