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Maya Lang posts on 1/7/2010 4:42:21 AM Oh Sistah Souljah!!! I love reading MIDNIGHT. I read it in two days, needless to say I am a big fan. You just have to write a sequel to this book, you will be doing your fans an injustice if you don't. Everything in the book spew out truthfulness. Are you sure it is not a biography of a real individual?. What you described in the book although the setting was the early 90's, the behaviors are very much the same today in any low income neighborhood. You are courageous to put on paper what every young lady should know. This book should be made part of every high school English class curriculum, young ladies should make the likes of Akime and Sudana their role models when it come to their bodies. Young men should use it as a daily guideline. I admired the belief and discipline of this young man. please do not leave us hanging with our imaginations, wondering what the rest of the story should be. Feed our intellectual hunger with the wonderful sequel of midnight, I personally will be waiting anxiously.
Karla K posts on 1/6/2010 5:13:06 PM See my Blog for my detailed description of who should be casted in the Coldest Winter Ever Movie!!! Thanks Everyone!!! and type in the search engine Coldest Winter Ever Movie.... the Author is Karla K.
CHAI posts on 1/6/2010 4:13:14 PM Hey..Midnight was a fantastic book! Eventhough, at first, I too was disappointed; thinking this book had something to do with CWE and I put it off for a few weeks but instantly got back into it. I think alot of ppl are under the impression that Midnight is a sequel or whatever to CWE but that is not the case. This book is focused completley on Midnight..He was a mysterious character in CWE and this book explains alot about his background and gives you some insight into his life and why he carried himself the way he did. I am not upset that he chose a Japanese woman over a Sudanese woman..It may have been different if he met Sudana first but he did not. He met Akemi first..She carried herself the way alot of females don't..He liked the fact that she kept herself "secret" and didn't expose herself. She was creative..Artistic..She wanted to please him and isnt it special how neither of them understood a spoken language but somehow they could communicate just by looking at one another..using other things besides words to communicate..This book really made me look at how AMERICAN ppl view things and how WE as WOMEN carry ourselves...At first, like I said I was hoping this would be something like CWE but in the end I am so glad that it did not even reference the Santiaga family! I am also excited and looking forward to the next book that will link the two together but in the mean time..SISTA this book was excellent and if alot of ppl would think outside the box they would enjoy this book as well! Congrats on this was fantastic!

Britney posts on 12/9/2009 7:58:08 PM I feel this book was a total let down it had a stupid unrealistic story line I was very disappionted I spent 20 dollars on it. It had no correlation to the CWE whatsoever. He married a Japanese girl when there was a beautiful Sudanese girl that clearly wanted him but she was not good enough cause what she was black? This book just continued to portray the black stereotypes that I see on Tv everyday and I was VERY disappointed!
A Sister Souljha Fan posts on 12/7/2009 3:23:23 PM SS, I just loved the book Midnight. I loved the way you captured his essance, and made him into a strong, and confident black male that was mysterious, and brought up with morals, and self respect. A man that put all the women in his life first, and made sure they remained safe in an unknown country and without understanding the language. I do understand why he chose a Japenese wife because of the way she carried a true women should. I am not a muselim, but I can appreciate the discipline. Please write a sequel to Midnight. I can't wait to see what happened and what turned him into a killer.
Kiz1 posts on 11/15/2009 3:37:44 PM I read the book midnight as I had read CWE and was wanting to know more about the mysterious character midnight. Im must say I was utterly disappointed. Firstly who is Naja in the CWE his little sisters name was Efe (how can smething as simple as that be inconsistant). Secondly CWE was set in early 90's so it makes no sense that Midight is growing up in early 90's. Thirdly for all of Souljah banging on about how black people should be proud of themselves and race, she depicted EVERY single black person in her book terribly. Midnights mother was an Arab and his true love a Japanese girl. Now dont get me wrong I have nothing against anyother race but what ive gathered from this book is black women are so useless and damaged that a sensible black man cannot find one. I have probs with the fact that midnight was running around killing as he felt like it with no conscience. Umma (who souljah depicted as a perfect woman) was so passive and feeble she was unable to even carry herself 2 work (how realistic is that for a woman post 1930). and lastly which mum in her right mind just accepts without question her only son marrying some girl he just met that dosent speak his language. However, not to be totally negative I will say that I as a non muslim appreciated her take on the muslim religion this book showed a much more sacered and peaceful side than the media would corrently like us to see.
BlackDiamond posts on 11/10/2009 10:22:44 PM SS I loved MIDNIGHT! I do agree with some of the bloggers about a sequel to TCWE but MIDNIGHT was a better story line than TCWE. I do not feel you put us black woman down by the descriptions and characters you portrayed in your book....its the TRUTH about some of the females in the projects and hood. I for one grew up in NY and saw the same behavior because some were my friends. I for one were raised different and my family instilled some of those beliefs of MIDNIGHT but we are not muslim. The readers who read MIDNIGHT need to see that SS wanted to show the meaning of love , morals and values in different beliefs and ethnic groups. We have to realize its a book for entertainment not to judge us as people. I will buy your sequel SS, I hope to see it in stores soon.
ardena jones posts on 10/27/2009 11:37:20 AM you could tell when it is a white person responing to something that would be consider black relations only. maybe if they knew the truth about their own history they would mind their business.
Jennifer posts on 10/26/2009 11:21:05 PM I loved loved loved Midnight, it was a fantastic book, from the time I started reading IT I couldn't put it down, can't wait for the next one, Im dying to know what happens next for Midnight, hurry hurry hurry!!!!
Paris posts on 10/21/2009 12:03:30 AM I just finished Midnight today, and I LOVED it! I read CWE back in high school, and that storyline was appropriate for then, just as this one is for now. Midnight made me reconsider and recommit to my own values and ideals, and also speaks candidly (and truthfully!) about a major problem in the black community - sexual promiscuity. Not to "air dirty laundry" but the fact that the majority of new HIV cases in this country are BLACK, and that the average number of sexual partners for blacks is miles ahead of everyone else in the population (do your research!), the truth is that WE have a real problem here. EVERY black adolescent and adult, but especially those of us growing up in impoverished and broken homes, should read this book. It's certainly food for thought. P.S. The "product of their environment" argument may be true, but it's tired. Know that the environment isn't changing anytime soon, so let's stop making excuses and start focussing on some solutions.
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