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mike posts on 12/18/2010 2:50:54 AM I was shocked to find all this controversy about the book and whoses story it really is. I have met Slav twice in the 1980's when he spoke to the children at my school. he seems a qenuine, rather shy man, nervously undoing and redoing the buttons on his jacket. He had little time for the Russians and basically said he would never trust them. When questioned about the Yeti, he never refered to them in those terms, always as creatures. I spoke to him later about someone making a film of the story. He said the rights to the film had been sold, but he was fearful that Hollywood would change the role of the girl and make it romantic in some way. Whether or not he did do the walk, he seemed to want to be true to the characters in it. Is another book planned by Mr Glinski? has anyone tracked down the people mentioned in Confused and astounded's comments?
al posts on 12/11/2010 8:27:44 AM I wondered how long it would be until the topic of financial gain came into the discussion. People are very quick to judge forgetting all the good honest work that Mr Rawicz did for charity donating nearly all the proceeds from the book. True or not and i believe it to be true Mr Rawicz is not around to defend himself. This allows the media and the public to focus their efforts around individuals with claims of their own. As for concrete evidence against Rawicz there is none, only 1 piece of paper that supposedly bears his signature from a time when corruption and forgery were common place.
maciej tarkowski posts on 11/16/2010 6:27:53 AM To Leonie Glinski. I am sorry for you and your need to defend your grandpa from something that is so obvious what happened. Many people on this forum according to me do not understand that some people like your grandpa, simply do not want to share their story cause they want to forget, and this is their private story to which they have a rights not to share with a public. I can realize how traumatic it was for your grandpa to learn that his story could be used by a stranger for his own reasons. It is not correct to state that it doesn't matter who wrote the book(as some persons claim in this forum)but what the book contains. This is like to say that it doesn't matter that Henryk Grudzinski, Salamov,or Bardach who wrote their stories would be earlier replaced by someone else, claiming their lives. To claim somebody else life is an awful thing to do. I can't imagine that.

Lech posts on 11/13/2010 8:15:37 PM Both Polish and Soviet records show that Rawicz was released from Soviet camps after a Polish-Soviet agreement was signed. Thousands of Poles left the camps and made their way to Iran. This is very likely how Rawicz got out of the USSR. I understand Rawicz to have claimed he returned to the USSR after his escape to join the Anders' army that was being formed, and that's how he got to Iran and Palestine. Hard to place any credence in that story. Why would he take such a risk?
Onlooker posts on 10/13/2010 10:20:29 AM Very interesting!!But hardly surprising.
Feliks F. posts on 10/12/2010 5:32:27 PM To Leoni and others. A story of Glinski escape may be fascinating, unfortunately there is not a single confirmation that such an event has ever taken place. There is however official confirmation in russian and polish archives that at the time of his supposed escape from Yakutsk he was thousands miles away to the west, in a special settlement in a Province of Arkhangielsk (Nothern part of European Russia). Sorry Leoni.
CWR posts on 8/21/2010 6:57:23 AM Slavomir Rawicz is the author of the Long Walk NOT Witold Glinski! Do not believe all you see on the internet.
Mike Anstead posts on 8/19/2010 11:47:49 AM To Leonie Glinski, I have been fascinated with the story of TLW since I first read it in 1981. I think it is wonderful that your grandfather came forward last year. I have several questions. (1) Does Witold intend to write his own account of what really happened in The Long Walk now that he came forward? (2) Do you know when "The Way Back" movie is coming out? Was Witold consulted when the movie was being made? (3) I noticed in the Mirror article from May, 2009 that it didn't mention anything about the Yeti sighting that TLW is famous for. Did Witold and his companions see any animals in the Himalayas that might have been Yetis? (4) Do you know (or suspect) whether Ronald Downing knew that Rawicz was not actually in TLW? In the preface of TLW it says Downing met Rawicz because he wanted to write an article about the Yeti and heard that Rawicz had seen them. Do you think that's how Downing and Rawicz actually met or was that just a pretense? Thank You for any information you can give me. Sincerely, Mike
John Bass posts on 4/30/2010 5:19:36 PM Did Slavomir ever reunite with the other 3 survivors that made it to India (Kolomenos, Zaro, Mr. Smith)? Did any of them ever surface later or does anyone know what happened to them?
Glenn posts on 4/29/2010 9:20:29 PM I recently had to read this book in school. I did a report on it only to find that it is fiction VERY loosely based off Witold Glinski's escape from a Siberian work camp. It does have some truth, but it is mostly lies. If it said Historic Fiction, or loosely based off Witold Glinski's story, I would have more respect for it as a fiction. As Non-Fiction I have next to none. I enjoyed it as a fiction novel, it was very good and wonderfully written, too bad it is mostly lies.
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