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onlooker posts on 4/9/2009 8:27:45 AM Your opinion is also highly valued!
George posts on 4/6/2009 6:10:41 AM Lester Hunt asks about Rawicz motives for writing and says that money could not have been one of them. Well, it is public knowledge that the prceeds from the book bought him a nice roomy house. The book has sold in the hundreds of thousands and continues to sell. If it was not really him who did the walk and wrote about it, that is scandalous, is it not? All the evidence points to him not having done the walk.
Onlooker posts on 1/30/2009 8:03:42 AM Your opinion is highly valued!

Tom Allen posts on 1/26/2009 11:47:54 PM The question of motive is rather complicated because its not Rawicz thats involved, its Rawicz, Downing and Rawicz' wife. All have told multiple inconsistant stories on the subject and its rather hopeless trying to figure out why. Downing wanted the book written for his own purposes. My theory is that the Rawicz'es found themselves afterward in over their heads and decided to bluff it out rather than confess that the whole thing was a fraud.
Lester Hunt posts on 1/13/2009 9:25:35 PM The thing that makes it hard for me to buy the idea that it was a hoax was -- what would his motive have been? The financial gain explanation isn't terribly plausible to me. I've written a few books and, believe me, unless you are an experienced author, it is a very roundabout way to make money.
James Baker posts on 10/31/2008 8:13:36 AM Peter Weir is not making a film of the long walk. He has written a script that he says has been inspired by the long walk along with at least two other stories but is in the end a new work of fiction.
Jerry Dahl posts on 10/28/2008 6:28:02 PM To Ian Rowlsey. To make it clearer for you, you seem to be unfamilar with the basic facts of the book. The text of the book was written by Ronald Downing. What I am saying, not implying, is that you are not familiar with the basics of the story. That you have said things that simply factually wrong. And I'm bewildered at how someone claiming to be a "close friend" is putting out wrong information.
chris woods posts on 10/27/2008 10:38:41 AM SO PETER WEIR IS MAKING THE FILM OF THE LONG WALK (at last) hurrah!. And would you believe it ,the worms are already poking out their ugly heads to once again slander Slavomir Rawicz ,and all with proof that he did not write the book or make the escape .It is time they came forward with this proof and then we can all make up our own minds .
Mr Ian Rowlsey posts on 10/22/2008 2:27:40 PM To Jerry Dahl Peter Weir is set to direct "The Way Back," the fact-based story of the escape of soldiers from a Siberian gulag in 1940. Production begins in March in Bulgaria. The highly selective Australian helmer last directed the 2003 film "Master and Commander" for Fox, and developed but dropped out of "Shantaram," the Warner Bros. project which was to star Johnny Depp. He wrote the script for "The Way Back" and based it on several sources, most notably the Slavomir Rawicz book "The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom." Book is Rawicz’s account of being captured by the Red Army in 1939 and his journey to freedom with other inmates. The group crossed the Siberian arctic, the Gobi desert and the Himalayas, finally settling in Tibet and India. Did You know Slav and Marjorie ? I did very well and wondered what your implying ? What proof do you have ?
Jerry Dahl posts on 10/21/2008 3:36:55 PM To Mr. Hopkins, I'm not sure what to make of your statements that you were a friend of the Rawicz family given that most of what you say contradicts the facts as I know them. "Slav" did not write the book. Nor did Marjorie translate or transcribe it. This book did not come about because of his doctor. The book was written by Ronald Dowling. The truth is in the decades of research that people have wasted researching this topic and which have comprehensively proven the story to be false.
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