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MrMambo posts a message on 10/20/2006 5:44:59 PM Please can anyone out there identify the British actor who specialized in playing the evil, toga-wearing, conspiratorial, pointy-bearded villains in so many of these sword & sand epics? I'm not even sure he was in Spartacus, but if he wasn't he should have been. He was always wearing an olive wreath on his head, and had a trimmed beard and goatee with no mustache, had heavy-lidded eyes, spoke with a disdainful, contemptuous British accent, and was unctuously effeminate. He possibly played an evil Caesar and/or a Pontius Pilate. He was always sending innocent people to their deaths and drinking wine out of a golden goblet, reclining on a bench watching dancing girls and feasting on the fatted calf. He would have made a great Caligula.

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