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Jas FILMS ARE MY LIFE Kumar posts on 3/22/2008 2:29:21 AM Hi Stel, any advice on pitching at this years live ammunition event at raindance east? Many thanks you strange guy - yes, it takes one to know one....thanks
ray nye posts on 3/12/2008 4:44:28 PM i have almost finished Decipher Ive only had it 3 days I cant put it down, its the most rewarding book I have ever read,thank you. By the way I to was born and raised in chatham and gillingham and rochester.
Seher Khan posts on 1/26/2008 5:17:51 AM Please i need some help!! im trying to write a book review on this novel decipher!!!

Blackfoot (nightclan tom) posts on 7/11/2007 12:16:44 PM Hey shalor! DO you have a cat in the Erin Hunter board? Can you post there if you do?
Shalor posts on 7/11/2007 12:14:15 PM I've read your first book, Decipher, & I absolutely loved it! I've re-read it many times over & each time it gets better! I was wondering, are you going to be issuing ebook versions of your writing? I have a Sony eReader & I'd love to be able to have it available for those times when I can't carry a traditional book.
Moritz posts on 7/4/2007 12:48:36 AM I was enjoying the book a lot until I found out you have the Andes in Central America and Quetzalcoatl in Peru mingling with the Incas. So I decided to finish your book as pure fiction without paying any attention or giving any validity to what you present as cientific facts. Good read though, entertaining.
Marious S posts on 2/16/2007 9:00:58 AM Does this message board actually work or is it monitored alone? Stelio, ela re file! In 1990 you and I were stationed together in Aplanta Cyprus. I still remember the picnic we had in our dorms when siatthas was on watch. BTW he and I go to the army and set up camp together now. Your old friend Marious.
Kirsrtin Marie posts on 11/20/2006 6:22:21 PM Yes, that Asteroid has a name. Anubis. but is not in ditect destination to Earth, It's going to pass us, unless it's corse changes...
karthik cmouli posts on 11/20/2006 11:25:34 AM your book decipher was just fantastic.i have to tell you mr pavlou this is the best book i have read in a very long time to come. have you considered writing a book on the tarturus sun cycle,the migration to iran and india from the caucas regions,the mayan calender-date of destruction,the imminent asteroid impact on earth and the very near magnetic pole reversal[already started]. you know you can write a fantastic novel connecting all the above the way the mayans have set a date for destruction[not made up-they have actually done so]. also the migration from the caucas regions for iran and india,also not a myth.also the tarturus sun cycle,the most horrific sun spot cycle,once every 4500 years or so,has already started,again not a myth.also the magnetic pole reversal is taking place.every year the magnetic strength of the poles are decreasing-also not a myth.and as wel all know sometime in the near future we may have an asteroid impact on mr pavlou hope i can look forword to another book like decipher,hope it will be fantastic like deciher.greatbook.
posts on 8/24/2006 11:58:37 AM Stel, can you belive, that we read your books even in Russia, even in Sibera :)
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