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Charles Knowlton posts on 9/4/2005 7:03:13 PM I have been reading a book"Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Christianity" by Joseph Atwill. Aside from the austounding hypothesis that the Roman emporer Titus caused christianity to be invented via Josephus Flavius, his revelation of the techniques ancient writers used to hide hidden stories in plain sight by using another writing in conjunction to the first one as a decoding key, is even more astounding. Stel, or any other author could use the techniques revealed in Caesar's Messiah" to creat a new wave of novels that are based on using the author's previous writing as a decoding key. The technique revealed is called "typology", where certain key elements of a narrative are supported in concept by other writings, and missing info in one writing can be gathered by properly understanding facts, themes, and concepts in the other writing. Sounds like an opportunity for Stel.
Kirstin-Marie posts on 9/4/2005 10:02:45 AM I've read 1/2 of "ATLANTIS" by David Gibbins, not as louring as "Decipher" was. Oh I got 'Gene' just the other day! Will be starting that tomorrow :D My brother has it at the moment *glares at him*
CJ posts on 8/21/2005 3:09:24 AM I am reading decipher right now and i think it is a great book i found it at the bookstore one day. I have read all of Dan Brown's novels and i am fascinatedby cyptology and codes and things like that and the thing of atlantisand things of those nature so after reading the back of the book i decided to get and i am very impressed by it and i am going out now to try and find Gene. keep up the good work oh and Formula 51 is one of my favorite movies.

Michael (U.S.A.) posts on 8/14/2005 3:17:16 AM Hm. turns out a written novel _isn't_ a complex system. Too bad. BTW: Stel, have you ever read The Age of Reason: Being an investigation of True and Fabulous Theology by Thomas Paine(yes, THAT Thomas Paine)? The first parts good..the second...has TOO much information, if you know what i mean. I did read Gene. It was good....though i didn't think it was as mind blowing as Decipher was. my apologies. Cheers!
Nelson posts on 8/14/2005 12:39:46 AM Stel, Your book found me(sounds kinda weird but true) and I JUST finished it. EXCELLENT.Best book I've read all year.Thank you for it. Now,I'm aching to read GENE. I have a question for you. I am an English major in Atlanta,GA.(1 and a half years left until grad.)and am interested in trying my hand at writing novels. I've been having issues with story lines,being that I cant seem to imagine a story to its conclusion before it starts to evolve or decline in my head. With Decipher,did you come up with the main premise in your head and build around it? Did it evolve as you researched or wrote it? It is a VERY good story line peppered with factual and mythic evidence that emboldens it so well. Was this your initial idea or did it change and grow as you created it? I know that was more than one question but together,they ask for the same answer from you. Do you understand what I'm getting at? Again, very impressive book, I'm going to recomend it to several people.Thanks again.
Shan posts on 8/12/2005 4:28:25 AM Wow got to go and get the book now! Lots of people i know are raving about it!
Cherry posts on 8/10/2005 11:37:05 AM Hi Stev, I'm ordering Decipher today based on the posts on this site and a reccomendation from Barnes and Noble. I'll keep you posted. Cherry
Michael (U.S.A.) posts on 8/8/2005 2:51:12 AM I started rereading Decipcher. I'll let you know if it ends any differently. (you know, like a complex adaptive system would. just saying that makes me feel smart. heh. :-P)
John Blackburn posts on 8/4/2005 4:05:53 PM I have just finished "ATLANTIS" by David Gibbins. While this is more like a Clive Cussler novel than "DECIPHER" I reckon some of your readers may enjoy it. This book is billed as "The Da Vinci Code for a new generation" and I suppose "DECIPHER" would have been given a similar recommendation if it had been published this year. Sad, isn't it, that a so-so writer like Dan Brown has achieved such astronomic sales with all his books when your superior offerings don't come anywhere near.
Charles Knowlton posts on 8/3/2005 6:48:08 AM Haven't found Gene in a store locally yet. I just got through reading Cryptonomicon a couple of days ago. I felt that there were some loose ends that the author failed to close up.
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