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Victor Estevanovich posts on 4/28/2008 12:07:51 AM it is a simple message with a question, when are we going to have the privilege to meet in person Mr Stephen King , in my country,Costa Rica? Victor Estevanovich
Kaci Hill posts on 11/26/2007 9:14:45 AM I love King's books. They are great. I also love his movies. I just recently saw his movie The Mist that just came out in the movies and it was an excelent movie.
crystal mccann posts on 11/14/2007 11:59:08 PM I video tape ghost up close, and i also have them appearing on me. you make up great ghost storys.But i have the real thing. some body like you would love my tapes

Ian posts on 9/14/2007 10:14:26 AM hey im doing a report and need to interveiw some people who have read Stephen King's book "IT". so if you have e-mail me or write a post message. thanks.
Heather posts on 3/12/2007 1:10:09 PM Stephen King is one of my favorite authors. I love all of his work. He is a brillent writter
Nick Goddin posts on 2/14/2007 11:10:34 AM Stephen King should write a follow up to IT, which I think is his best book still, a movie should be made of his Dark Tower series and Peter Jackson should direct it, it would be great.
brittany moses posts on 2/7/2007 10:56:45 AM i seen mostly all youre movies but never read the books you is amazing i would like for you to e-mail so i can know more about you
kate posts on 12/26/2006 4:46:28 PM I cant figure out who the antagonist and protagonist are in the book Cujo by Stephen King! Can any one help me?
sarah shelly werrr posts on 12/7/2006 1:00:55 PM I like books that invovle zebras wearing thongs on their heads
Robert Burns posts on 12/5/2006 9:24:39 AM Stephen King must read some fan letters, he posted two in his "GunSlinger" book "Song Of Susanna". He has also mentioned his fan mail in his comments at the back of several books and again in interviews. The letters got to him from his publishers. I cant imagine how he could read even a small percentage of the letters that actually get through.
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