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heather posts on 12/6/2006 9:39:14 PM to rember me 4ever the plight of the avid reader obviously has no effect on you. you have opened a full two minuets of redicule for your comment. thank you.
remember me 4ever. posts on 12/6/2006 7:37:55 PM All you people who come here to post stink big time. Seriously you sound like your on something strong like dope. get a life.
posts on 8/25/2006 3:13:02 AM I appologize if this sounds beyond stupid but... whos meg?

heather mckay posts on 2/4/2006 6:43:35 PM Here we are months later. There is nothing better in life than a mystery. Please excuse any misspelling. Alten presents us with the greatest one of all. Has carcharodon megalodon survived millions of years in "The Trench." There is no evidence saying that monster is not there waiting for the right insentive to surface. Alten has woven a wonderful tale of drama and grotesque violence that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere elese. In short(that would have been ten lines ago) I must say I egarly await altens next instalment of the "Meg" series.
Lee posts on 1/31/2006 12:25:16 PM Steve Alten paints a terrifying vision of what could possibly still exist in the depths of the unexplored universe of the deep. I was very impressed with the dialog of the characters, describing ancient times, also the horrifying attack sequences.
Justin Tobias posts on 11/17/2005 12:26:07 PM My favorite Steve Alten books are the Meg books. They really make me wonder what really could be at the bottom of the ocean. Also, ever since I got into Steve Alten's books I am now a strong believer that the Meg still exists.
Jack posts on 4/18/2005 12:56:14 AM Well this is a sad little board isn't it. I was going to try to get a rousing discussion of the Meg books going but I get the feeling it'll be months before anyone finds this. But just for kicks, how'd people like Primal Fear? I thought it was great fun, never a dull moment. Drew me in in a way that the other two Meg books didn't, and I liked them a lot too. I really liked the character of his daughter, and she sounds rather sexy if I do say so myself. I thought the story of how the ancient Megs moved to the Trench, in the interludes, was a great touch. The only thing is, I thought they declared in the first book that the water above the Trench was too cold for too long to allow the Megs to escape in all but the direst emergencies. In this one they're coming up all the time, and it sounds like they've been doing it for centuries. If they've found it so easy to get up, why not move back into the neighborhood for good? That and I had to roll my eyes at the idea of Pat Burrell becoming all-time home run king. But hey, you can't let the facts get in the way of a good story.
crystal posts on 2/25/2005 12:32:20 PM I thought the ending wasnt so great,but overall it was an ok book.
isacc Fuchs posts on 2/16/2005 7:38:21 PM What is the target date for Alten's follow up book to "Resurrection", which I believe is titled "phobos"?
Matt posts on 1/26/2005 7:41:04 PM This book was so awesome. It was so realistically written that it was like watching a movie. And thats saying a lot for me. I hate to read and this book just drew me in. If you like sharks then I would definitely suggest that you read this book. It's flipin sweet!

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