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F. Meeker posts on 2/13/2007 11:09:06 PM Why is it that so many authors fail to do even basic research when writing about firearms? Why is it that professional editors cannot catch the most basic of errors? Mr. Thayers novels deal with policemen and mystery and murder; is the makeup of his audience not considered? On page 63 of Wolf pass, the statement is made,"Back then we holstered .38/.44 heavy duty revolvers. That's a .38 caliber revolver on a .44 frame." All true up to this point and evidence of good research. But then the comment is made that the .44 frame was needed to handle the heavy recoil and that the gun could stop a Mack truck!The explosion was deafening! What tripe! Cripes, what happened to the research? A .38 caliber round is one of the most anemic cartridges available, then and now, with recoil only a little greater than that of a .22 kids gun. A Mack truck could be hit with a thousand rounds of .38 and never notice the difference other than dents, holes (in the thinner metal parts, and the damage to it's paint job or windows. Otherwise a fine book, errors like this cause many readers to just quietly close the book and go on to the Times crossword puzzle. Not a good value for $25.00. Thank Goodness for libraries.
posts on 9/15/2006 9:39:37 AM The Weatherman is the first book I have read/Listen to on CD. The book was so freaky the way it mirrored so many things in my family life. I grew up just blocks from the Edina Theater, and remember the tornado very vividly. I took my son on a car ride listening to the book and trying my best to follow the exact pathy of the tornado. In 1968 my brother Rich was electracuted by a then NSP power plant. He spent the nect 2 years in the burn ward of General Hospital/HCMC now. The way you discribed the pain ful treatment my brother went through were so realistic and acurate. I was only 7 at the time and had no idea what he was going through. He spent the next 20 years epatiently explaining his scare to ignorant and rude people. My oldest brother John returned from Vietnam with a terrible Herion addiction, that took years to escape. This book was so eye openning for me. I was so young and had no idea what my family was dealing with. I actually live in Edina. The man who recored the story mispronouced Edina about 50 times. But I would love to Meet Steve and buy him lunch he would be an awesome person to talk with. I plan on reading his other books soon. Thank you very much! Jim Quinn
posts on 8/10/2006 9:00:21 PM Any word on when we might see another novel from him? It's been three years...

the poopsmith posts on 6/28/2005 1:50:55 PM Tim Butler, what in the h*ll does STeve Thayer write about anyways?
Tim Butler posts on 6/28/2005 10:21:22 AM I have read everything Mr. Thayer has published and I am anxiously awaiting his next novel. I think he is a very underappreciated author and it is only a matter of time before more readers become aware of his talent.
Johan sandberg posts on 3/17/2005 8:29:34 AM Hi ! I am a boy in Sweden who is supposed to do a schoolwork about Steve Thayer. It has been hard to to find biographical facts about him and my teacher is drving me nutss. Is there anyone who could help me, please.

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