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beatka posts a message on 5/22/2005 8:04:45 PM I saw this movie (the original from the 80s) and then the remake from the 90s ... its completlely different... I love this movie to death .. I wish they would show this movie for senior english highschool classes .. cuz im sorry but watching the breakfast club .... for senior english classes on studies about teens and how they interact is so cheesey . If teachers are going to show any kind of movie about teens it should be Suburbia ....this movie tells it like it is ... whether you're in the same situations the characters are in in the movie (such as myself i can relate to them easily) .. it's still a good movie for any kind of teen whether they're the slackers , the losers , the jocks , the preps , whatever .... its message is universal. This movie is one everyone should definately see at least once . SUBURBIA I LOVE YOU !

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