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William Rice posts on 1/19/2006 1:13:50 PM If anyone knows how to email or contact otherwise Christopher Reeves widdowed wife, i would like for you to pass along to her a special piece of information. the day after Christophers' passing the USA Today ran a political cartoon by Scott Stantis of the Birmingham (Ala) News. Scott drew an empty wheel chair with superman flying off into the horizon. The drawing itself was enough for me to cut out and save because of its' meaning for me. But the really wonderful detail is revealed when you hold the picture up and the reverse side shows through. The reverse side was a print article of the Crucifix and superman seems to be flying right above it. Now I am certainly no super Christian but I am aware of some printed details of Christopher Reeeves spritual beliefs. Whether they are true or not, I would think that his wife or children could take solace from their bereavement in having a copy of this great momento and testament to their beloved ones life.

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