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Ellen Ferguson posts on 3/14/2005 1:34:14 PM Thought this book was very well written. From the very outset, I was gripped. The tension and helplessness of the parents was palpatable. The coldness and obedience of the children, was very cleverly interwoven into the plot. I found myself wondering who could be trusted and found myself trusting no one! The brainwashing gave an insight into how easy it is to take over the minds of people and control them. A superb read. Definetly helped me to understand how human beings can be so ruthless and without remorse towards each other. It also displayed how your own spirit can flicker through and make you the one "who bucked the system!" The ending, was very believable. Joey was not joyfully re-united and headed into a happy ever after. She was bewildered, distant and angry and felt out of place. A glimmer of hope rested on her choice to go to the Underground. How it turned out for her - you were left guessing! Ellen

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