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Sissy posts on 7/23/2007 10:33:54 PM Brandi, I didn't realize I hadn't answered your question about Summer at Willow Lake. No it is not erotically juicy, but there is love that blooms. I would say the book is mild...not cold; not hot.
Brandi Forand posts on 6/3/2007 6:31:32 AM was the summer at willow lake juicy? I AM used to Lori Forster etc and was wondering if it was steamy at all? Brandi
Sissy posts on 1/28/2007 11:08:07 AM Has anyone read SUMMER AT WILLOW LAKE? It was such an enjoyable read for me, I've preordered the book that follows...THE WILLOW LODGE is due out around Feb.6th. I hope it will be as good as SUMMER AT WILLOW LAKE. Don't look for excitement in's a pleasant story about growing up...the rich don't always have it better than the poor. When you're in the mood to relax from this fast world whirling around us, pick up Summer and relax. It's not a namby-pamby read either.

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