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posts on 8/26/2006 9:33:25 PM Hot Target was all right. I was looking forward to finding out more about Cosmo because I have known him for so long. I was dissatisfied with the Cosmo/Jane story line. The Jules story line was more satisfying. I felt I really got to know him and like him more. Cosmo and Jane seemed more like a secondary story line. I just finished Into The Storm and I didn't like it as much as some of the others such as, Gone to Far, Ken and Savannah, and Stan and Terri. Those three were the best. I liked Forever Blue and Nightwatch also. What I am really looking forward to is Decker and Sofia.
Jan B posts on 1/15/2006 10:43:18 AM Is the paperback edition of Breaking Point available in the US yet? If not, does anyone know when it will be? It's not available here in the UK until end of July
cj nelson posts on 1/14/2006 1:19:04 PM more SEAL books - how many times in life do you get to read about real life supermen and as I live in San Diego I know the area where their base is. Fun Books!

Jan B posts on 1/3/2006 7:13:41 AM Thanks Sherril - I can happily continue to look for a copy of Get Lucky now (hopefully a copy that won't cost 10 plus). Jan
Sherrill posts on 1/2/2006 9:26:05 PM For Jan B Lucy is badly beaten and in a coma, but she LIVES.
Jan B posts on 1/2/2006 7:28:33 AM Re: Get Lucky - would someone put me out of my misery until I can get a copy of this book please. I read somewhere that Blue's wife Lucy gets hurt in this story - does she die? Thanks
Bobbi posts on 12/31/2005 6:40:11 PM I have found the older books on Amazon, bookfinder, and alibris. I can't remember what I paid for Get Lucky but it was a bit high but it is one of those books that for some reason you can't find and when you do you have to pay for them. One of my other author's book cost me $41.00 but it was worth it. There are a few more of Ms.Brockmann that I have to get but I have both of the Seals books they are so good. Good luck with your hunting.
cj nelson posts on 12/31/2005 2:23:48 PM I am really having a hard time finding "Get Lucky" at a reasonable price - are you going to reissue this book and do you have any suggestions where to go to find a book?
Jan B posts on 12/27/2005 8:59:53 AM Anyone got some ideas where I can get copies of: Taylors Temptation, Get Lucky & Identity Unknown from? (Almost got the 1st two off ebay but pc crashed before I could enter bid and auctions had ended once reboot had ended). THANKS
TxBar10der posts on 12/26/2005 12:40:59 AM There are two different SEAL team series by Ms. Brockmann. The first is the Tall, Dark and Dangerous series about SEAL Team 6. Here's the order: Prince Joe Forever Blue Frisco's Kid Everyday, Average Jones Harvard's Education It Came Upon A Midnight Clear Admiral's Bride Identity Unknown Get Lucky Taylor's Temptation Night Watch The second series is Troubleshooters about SEAL team 10. The order is as follows: The Unsung Hero The Defiant Hero Over The Edge Out of Control Into the Night Gone Too Far Flashpoint Hot Target Breaking Point I apologize for any mistakes, but I believe I am correct. Hopes this answers your questions. Happy holidays.
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