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Slytherin Girl posts on 7/18/2010 5:17:46 PM Yeah because the series must not be that way because the next movie of a series allmost always comes out about a year or so later. Like harry potter. Anyway i am so phyched about mockingjay comeing out and i am totaly on team gale. you know the whole team thing like team edward( which im totaly on)and stuff. It like only happens twice per series, during the books and during the movies. and lr u never answered my question. Do you have an email?
LuxaRules posts on 7/16/2010 11:03:19 PM YES! This board is about books again! That's why rr left, and that's why I rarely post. I saw this one forum that said it takes nine years to make the average movie, and I'm like, Huh? That's not true...
Slytherin Girl posts on 7/16/2010 4:25:29 PM hey lr. in case you didn't know who i was, I am slytherin girl a.k.a. luxa the underlander, katniss, and Gryfindor girl.

Bryan posts on 7/15/2010 3:56:53 PM hey guys hows everybody been doing? So I heard theyre making a movie of the Hunger Games. Why havent they thought about doing a Gregor book?
Elizabeth posts on 7/15/2010 1:09:07 PM I cant wait until the Mockingjay comes out. I have been waiting for ever! I am so excited that they are making Hunger Games into a movie. Do they even have a cast for it yet because i really want to know who they are casting for Katniss Peeta and Gale. If they dont have the right people that fit the characters i think the movie might be kinda hard for us hunger games lovers to watch
Slytherin Girl posts on 7/12/2010 12:45:03 PM i got back from one of my brothers boy scout campouts. And i didn't sleep well at all that night.
rue posts on 7/12/2010 12:13:34 PM u think ur life is boring. i havent done anything exciting in months, months!mockingjay is coming out soon it will be here before u know it.well im going to the lake soon.yay!
Slytherin Girl posts on 7/11/2010 10:24:03 PM harry potter or the hunger games?
kylie (katniss) posts on 7/11/2010 8:33:09 PM well the movie comes out 2011 and the auditions are in december. me and my friends called an asked. they havent found a director yet. so.. yea theres a lot of nothing to talk about.. how are you guys? im so tired of life can't wait to move!
Slytherin Girl posts on 7/11/2010 3:21:59 PM OMG! Its about time somebody posted do you know how long I've been waiting?
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