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Linda posts on 5/31/2005 11:05:45 PM I was a student at LSU from 1966 - until I graduated in 1970 with an degree in Secondary History Education. During that time I had the unique opportunity to take every class that T. Harry's taught! After having him once as a teacher, there was no one who came close. As well as realling "knowing his stuff" he was entertaining, humorous and animated. He was a master in the art of public speaking, and was able to always keep our interest. One of the most unique and unforgetable experiences of my life was being present in his class the evening he was awarded the Pulitzer prize for Huey Long. The teaching assistant annnounced it when T. Harry arrived for class. Of course, there was a very long standing ovation from the class of @ 150 persent. He was an extordinary teacher, writer and person! He will always deserve a standing ovation from those who were fortunate enought to be a student of his, and from anyone who reads his books! Thank you, T. Harry! One of a kind!
Kevin posts on 4/26/2005 3:07:44 PM Huey was the best thing that happened to Louisiana. The world needs more people like Huey to bring the world out of the growing crisis.

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