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Shandraline posts on 12/9/2006 3:26:15 AM I like all of the characters in Tamora's books. Kel is definately unique. In one of the later books that Tamora wirtes about Tortall I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Kel ended up with Dom (Neil's cousin), they seemed to get on quite well and out of all of the guys that she liked during that time she always seemed to have a soft spot for him. Anyway I have finished the new book - Terrior: Beka Cooper, (it was only released here not that long ago..sigh and I had to wait for it to come out) and well... it was definately written in what seemed like a different style. But it was good. I can't wait to see what she writes about next. I really want to read the Trisana book that is on her 'To Do' list. It seems like it will be interesting as will the book the is in the works about Niko's early life before we know him...
Crown posts on 12/8/2006 8:21:56 PM My favorite part is in Squire, where Kel suprises the captian with her glaive.
Kel posts on 12/4/2006 5:07:11 PM What happens to Kel?! I heard about her in other books but she hasn't been the main character in any other books.She is the best character if I do say so myself. She seems to die out in her last book Lady Knight. Why won't Tamora Pierce write about her? (by the way my real name is not Kel)

shandraline posts on 12/2/2006 2:34:51 PM I guess some of the countries could be based on real life but... not all of them need to be. I'm sure that Tamora would have created as many countries as she needed to to make her stories work... What I am more interested in, is the timeline between all the stories from the world of Tortall... All the series in that world are connected, the later series have characters from earlier series in them and that I find is really cool. The story that I want to hear (apart from bout Alanna's grandchildren [Aly's children]) is the one of Numaire's children. It would be interesting to see how they fair with a shape changing child who is part God...
me posts on 12/2/2006 2:24:52 PM i am trying to figure out if the countries such as tortall and tusaine are based off of real countries in our world. i made the connection that tortall was england, carthak was china, copper isles is kind of like africa, yamani is japanese, tusaine is spanish, and galla is italy. i havent been able to make connections with scanra, maren, sarain, or tyra. what does everyone else think?
miranda posts on 11/30/2006 4:51:08 PM i think tamora pierce should write a book with alanna's grandchildren in it or tell more about alanna's adventures after the song of the lioness series
BlackMidnight posts on 11/26/2006 8:50:39 AM Ohh, that isn't fun, how are you? I haven't talked to any of you in ages! posts on 11/20/2006 10:45:35 PM One of the annoying things about living where I live (New Zealand) is that we dont get the books at the same time as everyone else. Its annoying because it means that I have to be careful where I go on the net in case someone decides to say what happens in the book. And sometimes the book doesn't come out for a couple of months after it has been published elsewhere. But as long as I get to read it in the end I will be happy...
BlackMidnight posts on 11/20/2006 4:24:34 PM Not exactly, yeah its been awhile, there is another person on the internet who goes as blackmidnight, he (we've talked on chat) came here for some time while I was BlackMoon. I did not take his idea, I've had this name for, I think 3 years or something like that. I finished Terrier 2 days ago, it was great!
Mel posts on 10/30/2006 6:12:18 PM Oh, yes it exists. Scroll down until you see a list down to the lower right hand side of the page. Click on one of those that says Off-Topic Message Board.
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