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Kayla posts on 6/15/2005 2:43:33 PM I think it's more like Heidi , but with a Cl,.. so something like: "cly-dee" also Cly-dee baa baa. Make the "cly" like "sly" I think in more "british countries" you would be able to find alot more of her works. Also if you try looking on ebay, you will be amazed at the amount of Tanith Lee books on there. That is how I have gotten most of my books. Consideing that she has written so many titles since before I was born, that is the only way to find OLD books. Also in your local bookstore, you can usually get them to order in books for you. IF you have a walden book store or borders bookstore, they will order any book they can find of Tanith lee and order it in for you free of charge! and if you don't want it you don't have to buy it. Good Luck!
Tigra blue posts on 6/15/2005 2:22:17 PM You know I can't pronunce that eather. who do you say it.
Savanah posts on 6/14/2005 4:35:36 AM I would like to ask any one who might want to help me to tell me how to pronunce the name "Claidi." I've been pronuncing this name as Claw-De but I might be wrong. E-mail me if you think you might have a better way. Thank you!

Nevra posts on 6/13/2005 10:52:49 PM Where's here? I live in New Zealand, Allot of U.S.A's states are bigger than my country. But at least it's unique in it's bird life and it's not to hot in the summer. (Who am I kidding, the roads were closed due to black ice once in the summer!)
Tigra blue posts on 6/13/2005 2:39:41 PM Why would the books be there if the ain't here?
Nevra posts on 6/13/2005 5:05:54 AM Yeah Hey! I've just been given the chance to go to Australia, they may have more of her books there, and I may be able to go!
Tigra blue posts on 6/11/2005 10:22:13 PM Ya it seems to get harder to find a good book these days.
Nevra posts on 6/11/2005 9:16:19 PM It DOES sound good, I wonder if I could find it in New Zealand? I haven't had ANY luck with the others.
Tigra blue posts on 6/11/2005 6:10:11 PM Thanks it sounds cool. unfortuly It is hard to find that book around here the book store don't have that big of a collection of Y.A books.
Kayla posts on 6/11/2005 5:47:53 PM sorry about the list - there is actully more too... The Gold Unicorn is about Tanaquil finding herself in the middle of a "war" and her finding out that the warrior empress that has started the war, was her sister. Her sister has created a large golden unicorn statue that rolls. Of course it doesn't work to well, and Tanaquil has a knack for making things work. Well I wont tell you everything, otherwise you wont read the book ^_^
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