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Sandi posts on 8/6/2013 11:14:10 PM Ha, ha, I have found Halford again. I have just received my copy of The Mother Tongue from The Book Depository. I got up to page 8 and his name leapt out at me. I am so happy he's there. Mind you, I wasn't expecting to see him again, and I would have read the book right through anyway because I had already settled into Holbrook's beautiful literary style and am hooked, again. I know I am reading them out of order. But no matter. I discovered Holdbrook about 12 years ago when I read Sad Water from my library. Can't remember if Halford is in that one, but I loved the writing so much that when I finally became confident about buying books on the internet I bought Holbrook's first Gail Grayson. Then I chose the fourth one, Mother tongue, I think mainly as a challenge for me to read because it sounded sightly different to her others. Bi for now: back to my cuppa tea and The Mother Tongue. Sandi (Australia)
Sandi posts on 7/24/2013 5:42:24 AM I have just finished "A Far and Deadly Cry". What happens to Halford?? I don't think he appears in any of the other books and he was my most favourite character. Holbrook's writing contains wonderful imagery. I can see that artist with all his fingertips with band-aids on them. I loved this book. Thankyou

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