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Shauna posts on 8/12/2008 3:26:04 PM Have you guys read a book by Teri Woods called " Tell me Your Name?" It is awesome! It's very different then anything she has put out. I just finished it. It's about a serial killer that leaves other dead serial killers fingerprints at crime scenes. There are some pretty disturbing scenes in this book. Lots of straightrazor action. It's a horror novel I believe. And I looked on amazon. The author is a white guy named Eric Enck and he has other books out. Haven't read those yet. But I wonder if Eric ghosts writes for her as well? here is a link to Tell Me Your Name
Anonymous posts on 8/10/2008 11:58:32 PM Brit your entire post is ridiculous. We should praise a criminal because she's African-American? Where is the logic in that? Teri Woods built a brand off of the work and labor of others. She even started her company with the money of others and then left that person for dead in prison, like she tried to do with the other authors. Problem is, she never thought they would speak up about it. She never thought anyone would listen. She thought their circumstances would prevent them from suing her. But these authors have the law and the support of a loyal fan base on their side. Remember, it's their work that the public is loving. Not Teri Woods. She should be ashamed of herself just like you should for even posting such nonsense. What goes around comes around and Teri Woods is getting hers. She may start searching the prisons for the next author to help her make a comeback, but at this point who cares? The truth is out and what had people supporting her (the strength of the stories) is what has people supporting the real authors now. I doubt Teri is reading this and laughing since word on the street is that her money got smoked up. The past has a funny way of coming back doesn't it. You do wrong you get done wrong.
Brit posts on 8/10/2008 9:54:49 AM I came to this post to get more information about Dutch 3 and was saddend at how most likely african americans are tearing apart another african american. And I just had to post my opinion. I thought this post would be about the context of the literature not the character of the author. I have never been disappointed with Terri Woods literature. I will admit that I did not enjoy all her books equally. No matter how she has done it, she has made a name for herself in this industry, most likely more of a name than anyone who is sitting on this post wasting their time judging her. She is probably reading this post and laughing all the way to the bank. Further, at the end of the day, Terri Woods is probably in a better position now financially, mentally and physically than she was before she wrote these books or just published them even if she does get sued. And honestly, no one should judge her or anybody else for that matter because no one is perfect and we all make mistakes if that is what she has done. And if she made a mistake, we should be trying to set an example for her on the proper way to run a business instead of criticizing her. Last there are three sides to every story, party one's version, party two's version, and what really occured. So unless somebody caught on tape Terri's actions, no one should judge her. We should praise her for being another african american female entreprenuer because that not an easy role; otherwise, african american female entreprenuer's would not be a minority. Last being a african american female entreprenuer myself, I know how someone can take a situation and look at it for the ugly portions of it. But honestly, business is business. You have to build a brand before you can effectively sell anything. Terri Woods is a brand, a well built brand whether others like it or not. And she has taken what she has (like her own time and money) to make that brand what it is. Not many of us can say we have ever visited a jail or even for that matter communicated with someone in jail. That's not an easy or fun task. And to be quite honest, some of those books would most likely have not sold as well if the "true" authors name were on it. Even if it was on the book in addition to Terri Woods name, the sales may not have been as strong. As a result, Terri's brand is what sold those books and she rightfully deserves a huge portion of the proceeds if not all. There are many author's out here who write books just as good as the ones Terri authors and publishes but they are not all selling as well because they are not apart of a well built and highly marketed brand. And those authors who are obviously known for ghost writing for Terri are likely in a better position now to put their own name on their work since their first couple of pieces have been marketed originally by the Terri Wood's brand. Some of those author's who now want to sue Terri most likely feel that way because they never forsaw how well their books would have done in the market. But honestly they would probably not have done as well if Terri's name were not on it. Think about it! And if these author's really had these contracts that clearly stated that they were to be compensated, the case would not even be in court. Terri would not even waste her time and money for lawyers, if she had no case. But people with less income, would waste their time suing her, hoping she will settle out of court, just to get something out of the deal if nothing more than publicity to sell a book or two in the future. Instead of wasting your time dogging Terri, build your own brand so other authors not as saavy as you can join your publishing house to have their books marketed and actually read by the public. Maybe take what Terri did, learn from it, and do it better if you can!

Anonymous posts on 8/7/2008 7:15:16 PM Former crackhead or is she - IRIS
dae dae posts on 8/7/2008 5:52:03 PM yea.. uh.. whoever does have the dutch 3 and deadly reigns 3 please email me too.. cuz i sure would like ta know wat happens to them.. and i'm so mad at terri woods for doing that.. we could have all read the stories and known what happens next but she wanted to be greedy.. she was getting paid regardless.. so if someone would at least tell me what ended up happening i'll be straight.
Anonymous posts on 8/7/2008 4:56:24 PM Order a copy from Relentless Aaron. He ships priority. He has Thug Politics too. Another great read from the author of Dutch.
Anonymous posts on 8/6/2008 11:30:49 PM where can dutch 3 be found in chicago
sheilah posts on 8/5/2008 5:46:23 PM Teri Woods isn't her real name? What is it, do you know?
Poison posts on 8/5/2008 1:15:16 PM How old she is or how old she looks? Teri Woods isn't even her real name.
sheilah posts on 8/4/2008 3:14:27 PM Does anyone know how old Teri Woods is? I'm just curious.
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