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Iesha posts on 7/5/2008 11:38:55 PM True to the Game 3 is garbage! What a waste of paper.
Kiaaa posts on 6/30/2008 3:01:44 PM I read dutch 3 the author did nina dirty by killing her he could of a least let her have his baby instead of that gay ho angel I hate her she don't even need to live after all the murders she did you did a least keep teddy bear Roc in to keep his family.
Philly posts on 6/23/2008 9:48:40 PM I read TTTGIII and it wasn't even good. How is the hospital going to conspire to keep Quadir alive. Then he fell in love with the doctor. How phony is that. Everyone is chasing after Gena trying to get Quadir's money and kill her. She's mad at Quadir because he's in love with the doctor that saved his life. Just when you thought it couldn't get anymore unrealistic, Jerell has a twin brother Terell who thinks Gena killed his brother so now he wants to kill Gena. He rapes her grandmother, shoots her uncle and kills her best friend - all to try and find Gena. Quadir swoops out of nowhere and saves the day killing Terell. The bad cops get caught too. Gena and Quadir get married in front of all of the family but he's supposed to be dead and no one is supposed to know. The book was DUMB!

shana blue posts on 5/8/2008 3:40:02 PM FYI: Teri Woods signed a five-book, multimillion dollar deal with Grand Central Publishing (formerly Warner Books). Grand Central re-released her debut classic, the self-published novel True to the Game then presented its sequel True II, which made the New York Times Bestsellers list in November of 2007. At the same time, the street-lit world went into frenzy as the highly anticipated conclusion to the Dutch series was released by imprisoned author Kwame Teague. Woods reported that it was bootlegged. And, just when you thought the drama was over, she makes headlines again. Now a Texas writer is claiming to have authored True II and the upcoming release, True III. He’s saying that Woods has failed to fulfill her fiduciary responsibility in their contractual agreement. She didn’t pay me. That broke our contract. I shouldn’t be obligated to uphold it, said Caleb Alexander, explaining why he broke his silence and aired out Woods. In fact, he’s willing to testify on Teague’s behalf in any legal proceedings between him and Woods. According to Alexander, he was contracted to write a minimum of four books a year for $100,000 per year and Woods has only paid three-thirds of the agreed amount despite having produced four books: True II, True III, Deadly Reign III, and a fourth title, Alibi with issues surrounding the last two. She had me write Deadly Reigns III over and over, he said.
Niecy posts on 5/7/2008 9:25:36 PM Buy DUTCH 3 at myspace at kwamefreedom. Buy DEADLY REIGNS 3 at Caleb Alexander's website. Caleb's True to the Game III will be out later this summer.
Hey Now posts on 4/12/2008 7:09:43 PM Shana Blue I could not have said it better. NUTBUCKET and NUTCASE truly describe this sick woman. Teri Woods, WRITE your own book. I would suggest you title it LARCENY, which you do so well, but someone already wrote that book. Try THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A SCHIZOPHRENIC or CRACK IS WHACK. Both titles fit you well.
Shana Blue posts on 4/10/2008 9:30:39 AM Terri Woods, I decided to take your suggestion and post again! Yes I am real. Yes I do have cases of Dutch the finale. Yes I will gladly sell you a copy for full price not the discounted rate that I generally give out. You are a crazy,pathetic, deranged NUTCASE! You have lost all of your Street Cred. According to many of the authors you previously worked with; you are well know for stealing other people's work and claiming as your own. That is plagerism and that my dear is against the law! What I am doing is not! My quest is to not only help Kwame and his wife sell Dutch III in RECORD numbers, but to help expose your filty greasy greedy hands!! You are a liar a theif and a NUTBUCKET. You only contacted me cuz NY won't sell you or your cronies a DutchIII book! You are a desperate opportunist, and Do Not EVER call any of my numbers again!
Hey Now posts on 3/16/2008 12:19:51 PM @ Shawn, you can't get the book from Teri because she didn't write it. The real author of the trilogy dropped it himself. Teri Woods is the publisher of Dutch I and II not the author. @ Bonnie, you are talking about two different books and two different authors. You have the Angel character from the Dutch Trilogy written by Kwame Teague. And then you have the character Angel from the Angel trilogy written by Anthony Fields. The two are not related. Dutch III: The Finale is available online to purchase from the author himself as well as Deadly Reigns: The Final Generation by its author.
bonnie wright posts on 3/14/2008 11:15:12 AM i am confused!i just read the book "angel" copyright 2006. i also read "dutchI" and "DutchII". but these 2 angels r not the same. can i get a copy of angelII from the 1st book? i ready know "DutchIII" isn't out yet. PLEASE answer me ASAP!! i'm a big,big fan of yours. where can i get that book b-cause it ended like it might have a part 2.
RAYSHONE MITCHELL posts on 2/26/2008 4:10:33 PM WHAT good T.WOODS I know why u haven put out ducth 3.becouse u put your foot,legs,shit girl you outdid yourslelf in 1,2 u need to go back, and read DUCHT 1,2 setback take A drink,then do what u do best bring it. IF U MAKE A MOVIE OUT OF THIS MAKE SHOW U GET IN TOUCH WITH ME I WILL HALP U BECOUSE I FROM THE STREETS. keep up the good love
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