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Robin Bailes posts on 1/1/2012 Robin Bailes has just written a review of The Wee Free Men which you can see here
glenn posts on 12/12/2009 10:51:50 AM sorry to shamelessly plug but signed pratchet book for sale
don parker posts on 8/4/2009 11:22:01 AM is a book going to be made of pictures of all the covers of the discworld books?this would be superb as i have always wanted to see the full picture of each cover, asthe art work is great.

gypsy no shuz posts on 5/19/2009 7:18:14 AM i have beenreading your books for years now and, always try to get more of them when i can affrod them. my favourite characters are commander vimes, granny weather wax, and nanny ogg. i would love to see a story featuring nobby nobb i think it would be hilarious. thanks for the escape to a different world.
Miss Tick posts on 7/29/2007 1:19:54 PM Hello!I have just read the Wee Free Men and A Hat Full Of Sky as who ever is reading this might have guessed by my name.I liked every word but I think the best scene is when the Nac Mac Feegles are dressed in Old men's clohing and are having difficulty with walking 'and with everything else.'I was laughing my head off 'not litterally though or I could'nt be telling you this right now.'
Inkrose posts on 5/8/2007 4:10:52 PM I just finished Reaper Man, too. Have you read Guards, Guards (Terry Pratchett) or Men at Arms?
Empress Ayla posts on 5/6/2007 3:12:00 PM my friend made me read reaper man - it was hilarius, can anyone reccomend any other good comedy books (preferably by t.p lol)
Inkrose posts on 1/8/2007 10:53:04 AM I think so. You should get onto the library's web site, and reserve the book. They will send it. I forgot about my math homework, urghhh...
Inkrose posts on 12/18/2006 12:22:39 PM Welcome back after one month and six days. I guess that it might be, but since I have never seen/read Phantom of the Opera, I wouldn't know. What caused the long abscense? I haven't seen you on other boards either. I think that with The Last Hero, it is mostly the pictures that are funny. Sadly, since the only copy in our library system has a page torn out, I have not seen them all. THe pictures, I mean.
Echo. posts on 12/17/2006 5:24:54 PM I haven't read "Maskerade" but it sounds really good. See? You're great at describing books! Is it kind of a spoof on "The Phantom of the Opera?" That would be hilarious, in my opinion.
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