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Laurie posts a message on 6/11/2007 8:21:20 AM Mike, I would enjoy hiking through the area with you and anyone else that wants to join you. I don't know who Richard Schmidt is, but his name is familiar. The part where Heston chases Terrill, before they enter the canyon is part of RRC. It's an awesome place. They hold Easter Sunrise Services there. I know scenes were shot in LC because I recognize some of the places we've camped. I still think the winding part of Blanco might be LC the way it used to be. We shall see. Do you want to exchange e-mails or what?
Mike Thompson posts a message on 6/8/2007 10:42:28 AM Laurie, and anyone else who may be having the same problem posting on this TBC Message Board: I emailed the creator of this site, Mr. Steven Gordon, and he says to post your message without filling in the subject line. Also, I’ve collected random information regarding a scene in TBC of particular interest to me – That’s the last sequence of the film, when McKay and Julie Maragon ride out of Blanco Canyon and down onto the desert. If you watch this section on DVD, reverse back to the sequence when McKay first rides out of the desert with Alfonso Bedoya and approaches Terrill and Heston resting their horses at the entrance of Blanco Canyon. Notice the green grass as they ride in? Kind of misplaced isn’t it, especially compared to the brown scrub brush at the entrance with Terrill’s bunch when they finally get there. Martha Crawford said she served as the double for Jean Simmons in the last sequence, and that she thinks that area is not near RRC, but further north, perhaps closer to Stockton. Also, according to Richard Schmidt, a Mr. Carlo Gaberchek told him that he thought it was done outside the park on a cliff overlooking Highway 14, somewhere. It seems logical that it was done somewhere further north in California, since Martha did not travel far from Stockton during that particular sequence's filming. No one I’ve contacted so far is sure about its location. Anyone on this site have any more clues?
Mike Thompson posts a message on 6/8/2007 10:07:38 AM Laurie: Concerning your post offering help as a possible "tour Guide" of TBC film locations in Red Rock Canyon. My name is Mike Thompson and I live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I'm planning on vacationing in the Grand Canyon this July, and then will briefly visit Red Rock Canyon near Cantil and you (July 19th – 22nd), scouting the place out a bit before coming back possibly in October to hike TBC film location sites in earnest, with the intention of making full use of my digital camera. I recently bought a book titled "A Field Guide to Motion Picture Locations at Red Rock Canyon", by Richard Schmidt, who lives near there also, and he says he has been through the narrow, curving TBC canyon sequence section you mentioned some time previously, and that it is deep in Jawbone Canyon, not Last Chance. Apparently, the northern mouth of Last Chance Canyon in RRC is where Major Terrill and Charlton Heston rest their horses before entering "Blanco Canyon" during the last part of the film, but he thinks the canyon-walled sequences were in Jawbone Canyon, “an area 5 miles west of the Park [RRC]”, which by now suffers some mining damage. He is checking his field notes to be sure. He even offered to meet me in July and possibly help me hunt it down. Would anyone else be interested in hiking with me through this and other TBC film locations there at Red Rock this October?

Test posts a message on 6/7/2007 9:30:04 PM Test this is a test message so you don't have to read this
Martha posts a message on 5/21/2007 1:33:24 PM Yes Dennis I watch the opening over and over. You can close your eyes and hear the jingling of the harness. To me it is living a dream.
Dennis Spear posts a message on 5/21/2007 1:12:51 PM I'll check on the recommendation to contact for scripts. Just reflected on the music for TBC again. It was innovative. Saul Bass's opening sequence with the music was wonderful. Check out the Bass opening to North by Northwest. Nearly all Bass openings are animated, but the TBC opening is pure cinematography with type.
Martha posts a message on 5/20/2007 3:36:40 PM Dennis - I have wracked my brain trying to come up with a suggestion for you. The best I can do is suggest that you contact either Tony Peck or Cecilia Peck (Greg's children). Greg was the co-producer of TBC. Contact them thru the Screen Actor's Guild and ask the guild to forward the letters. They will usually forward mail to the respective agents so that eventually the star or actor will receive the mail. Greg had a lot of power there - he is the one who hired me. Also Sy Bartlett, one of the screen writers, was a good friend of Greg's who wrote or re-wrote most of his scripts. He was on the location all the time. There may be access this way to some of the archives by contacting the children. Good luck.
Dennis Spear posts a message on 5/20/2007 1:33:18 PM Checked on eBay a few weeks ago. Nothing there that shoes an official script. TBC still is the premiere movie against violence as a method of conflict resolution. Way ahead of its time. If anyone finds a script, let me know. Thanks
Laurie posts a message on 5/20/2007 9:49:25 AM Dennis, Have you looked on eBay? Laurie
Dennis Spear posts a message on 5/18/2007 1:21:59 AM Still trying to find a script from TBC. Anyone have any idea where one is? Just watched the movie again and really like Martha's horsemanship. She deserved the Golden Boot award in 2005. Gotta find a script.
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