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Laurie posts a message on 5/17/2007 7:29:04 PM I have been having trouble getting a message to post, but I will try again. I live in the Red Rock area and would like to play "tour guide" for anyone that plans to visit the area. Unfortunately, summer is almost here & unless you go early in the day, IT'S HOT!
Martha posts a message on 4/19/2007 7:28:54 PM Wish you all could have a look at my web page as on the top of the index is my name and that page has more of the Golden Boot pics on it. Second Running has been my web site for 10 years. Talk soon. Let me know. You can e-mail me from there.
Dennis Spear posts a message on 4/19/2007 11:03:37 AM Martha - Good to see your message. I've been waiting for your CA trip so we can meet. It was sad you couldn't come as planned earlier. I enjoy viewing the Golden-Boot images. Still looking for a copy of the script. Your movie still holds up over time. --Dennis

Martha posts a message on 4/19/2007 10:46:12 AM Hi all - so good to check in with you again. Things pretty quiet here as we had a fairly tough winter for we sissies in this area. Most exciting thing for me is that I am going on the Mule Ride into the Grand Canyon in October. When it comes to the steep hills maybe I can pretene it is the last scene in the Big Country. That was Chuck Roberson with me not Greg. I got a hat to wear that is almost identical to the one Greg wears in 'our' movie. I will replay it again in my mind over and over. I have been so laid back wouldn't it be awful if I needed a box to get on the mule? Have double up at the gym. So good to chat again. My trip to California has not materialized as the facility for the riding clinic is not finished as yet.
Mike Thompson posts a message on 4/18/2007 6:52:20 PM Howdy! (Or should I say Good Morning??): Yes, I too have been fascinated with The Big Country, since childhood, in fact, and am wondering if anyone associated with this site would be interested in answering a few questions regarding a vacation I’m planning on taking to Red Rock Canyon soon, with the intention of capturing most of TBC’s canyon filming locations there with my digital camera and posting them for all of you. I’ve done a little research, which I’d like to run by anyone here who may be interested.
Stewart Hanson posts a message on 1/4/2007 3:34:31 PM I've loved this film since it was first made back in 1958, lost track of the number of times I've seen it, I think it's got probably the greatest music ever written for film, certainly in the Western genre, and when Elmer Bernstein's always in the reckoning that's saying a lot. I've always wanted to know where it was filmed, now I know. Maybe I'll visit someday, but it's a long way from England.
posts a message on 8/5/2006 6:53:56 PM Bill - Thanks for the update on images. Have not heard from Martha in some time. Laurie - would you mind roaming RRC if some of us come down from Northern CA? - Still looking for anyone with a script from TBC. This is still one of the best anti-war films ever made.
posts a message on 8/5/2006 2:09:36 PM Response to Laurie, The scenes showing the curving canyon and the death of Major Terrill are located in "Last Chance Canyon", just before RRC. These trails are not easy access and a 4x4 is recommended. Hope Martha still there and can update us regarding the last year award video???.
posts a message on 8/5/2006 10:11:45 AM I've not posted here for ages, but always enjoy reading them. Thanks so much for the cool pictures of orvis ranch & red rock canyon. I live only 30 minutes from red rock canyon. What has puzzled me for ages is where the scenes in the movie when they are riding through the curving blanco canyon. Such as at the end where Ives and bickford kill each other. Can anyone solve that problem? Thanks again.
posts a message on 7/10/2006 10:49:17 AM I have not seen anyone comment for quite some time. I do hope Martha is doing well with the award and am still looking for a copy of the script for TBC. Any update on scrips?
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