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tim posts a message on 3/2/2007 6:32:06 AM Believe it or not i remember seeing this film on TV when I was about 7 - and the final scenes - the outstrectched arms on the train, and the final line "bowling green - sewing machine" have stayed with me ever since. This is clearly an anti racist film before its time, showing the bigot (Joker) chained to the resistor (Noah). They cannot escape as individuals - only as a team topgether, black and white. When their physical chain is broken, the human connection stays and is unbreakable - Joker can't let Noah drown in the swamp, Noah can't let Joker go as the train takes him to the north, to freedom. Their humanity and their changed consciousness survives, even though they are, at the end, still prisoners of the racist capitalist world that locked them up for resisting their condition.

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