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Serg posts a message on 4/1/2005 6:03:57 PM Offer from Ukraine!!! Ladies and gentlemen!!! If you have business interests in Ukraine or Russia and you want to export your goods and your services, we can be useful each other. About myself: I am from Ukraine, 42 years old, ended Kharkov Polytechnic Institute. I want to have joint business with a foreign firm. For to find the partners for cooperation and for to earn the starting capital, I seek a job as the electrical welder in your country. Please, help me to find this job. Why I want to have work as the electrical welder? I well qualified and I have wide experience (I can to send my CV). Due to this job I can be useful the employer and I can have good earnings too. Also in free time I want to study the market of your country well and may be I shall find the future partners. If it will be done and will be carried out, I could open own business later. Also I want to have job for opportunity to improve my knowledge the English!!! I shall be grateful you for any advice or any help for reception work. Thanks&Best regards, Sergiy.

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