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diogenes posts a message on 12/24/2005 9:02:09 AM Does anyone know where the 1993 film was made? Particularly the open moorland countryside.
elle posts a message on 6/22/2005 4:14:00 PM okay.. so the garden to me symbolises something that is dying but can be nurtured into something good, something fantastic, awe inspiring and amazing in its strength and beauty. from planting mary realises that if you nurture something then it grows and becomes something special. so on other words she learns to love and care about something that is not herself. it is a ritual because it teaches her how to care and she learns something new each time she plants, also because she is enchanted by what she would call the magic of it all. the concept of sacrament in the movie is perhaps present when mary nurtures the garden even though she thinks it is dying - she sabes it. perhaps it is also present when the spell is cast to bring lord craven back so he can see colin walking. lord craven is saved because he learns to laugh and to be happy again. mary gives both the garden and lord craven grace (loose definition of sacrament) she also saves herself through the lessons that she learns in the garden. mary finds out the gardens secret, the secret is that love and hope grow there. the secret is not so much to do with the garden rather the effect the garden has on mary colin and dickon, bringing them close, forging a friendship and awakening spirts, the gardens, their own and also those of lord craven and the others in the manor, particularely as the atmosphere becomes happier and more relaxed as colin learns to walk. with colin walking he lifts the spirits of everyone. the garden holds the true secrets of friendship, love and hope. this is what mary finds out about the garden.
Stephen posts a message on 2/24/2005 5:41:54 PM I have some questions on the Secret Garden that I can't seem to figure out, here they are: 1.What does the garden symbolize? 2.What does Mary learn from the ritual of planting in the garden? and why is it a ritual 3.How is the concept of sacrament present in the movie and 4. What does Mary find out about the garden If any of these could be answered that would be great.

Donna St Laurent posts a message on 2/19/2005 11:37:23 PM Does anyone know the breed of dogs used in the filming of "The Secret Garden"
Donna St Laurent posts a message on 2/19/2005 10:55:07 PM Does anyone know the breed of dogs used in the filming of "The Secret Garden"

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