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evie posts a message on 8/4/2009 10:03:44 AM I am curious to know what happened to some of the cast members that did'nt make it big like Brian Tyler who played Snow I always thought he was so Hot!!
scouse ply posts a message on 2/20/2007 10:12:42 AM they r doing a remake of this classic film, oh no leave it alone like many remakes im sure it wont be as good,by the way some classic fight scenes
posts a message on 6/24/2006 10:55:35 AM I had a discussion with a group of friends and I stood alone in my conviction that Sean Penn was NOT in the movie The Warriors. They all say that he was the one with the bottles on his fingers saying "Wariors, come out and plaaayyy". I say not! Was he in it and if not who was the actor that played that character?

posts a message on 4/22/2006 8:00:01 AM He miss typed is all he ment Swan. Read the whole post and he you can see he ment Swan. I agree with him, Deborah (Mercy) stole the movie! Swan character was not all that dynamic, altho the rest of the warriors all had interesting individual personalitys. It was Mercy who started the movie as a worthless tramp that no one would risk there manhood on, by the end she had us all hooked, she's a keeper. That was a tough role honestly, Deborah took a big chance, if she blew it, she would always be remembered as a slimey hore. But Deborah pulled it off really well. Obviously this is not Oscar winning stuff, but obviously Deborah is capable of anything. I think women have a harder time forgiving her however. Not sure though.
posts a message on 4/22/2006 12:03:53 AM your lack of infomation on the warriors 1979 movie is outstandingly wrong, its not ajax and mercy in the subway train or in the subway train tracks, i Swan and mercy. PS: Watch the movie again and get to know the charecters!
posts a message on 4/21/2006 11:57:59 PM hey shafa, i read ur message and i am just gonna say in the city is performed by the very popular band, the eagles, now their soudracks, dvds, can be found in many stores worldwide, the song in the city was sung by joe walsh. PS: look in ebay and amazon for soundtrack buying oppertunities. <:)
RHMF posts a message on 1/1/2006 3:16:07 PM I think Mercy's character was brilliant. Deborah did a fine job. To me, Mercy's true character is revealed when she tells Ajax that she doesn't want to have "her belly hanging down to her knees; cockroaches in the cupboard..." She says she wants "something now, something for herself". My quotes here are probably more paraphrase, but you remember the scene. Then, if not brilliant enough, there's that brief, but oh-so-poignant moment when Mercy and Ajax are on the train nearly at the big CI when the high schoolers with their Prom outfits get on the train and sit across from them. When they enter, they're laughing and having fun. They're from the other side of the tracks, the side that doesn't worry about whether they're going to get "Japped" on the platform. When they finally sit across Mercy and Ajax and see them, they get serious, they quiet down. Then Mercy, ever so subtly, raises her hand to push the hair out of her face. She and Swan are ravaged, dirtly, sweaty and tired from their journey. Before she can touch her hair, Swan stops her hand with his. Grabs it and eases it back down to her side. It's pure cinematic poetry. We know two things at the moment: 1) Swan doesn't believes Mercy doesn't have a single thing to be ashamed about--she's good enough for anyone; and 2) They are now together and will be into the future. They are two of the same kind. RHMF
catwoman posts a message on 11/4/2005 1:25:22 PM hi pete what up? i think ajax the man ps catwoman hi hi
Alley oop posts a message on 8/17/2005 2:58:38 AM Deborah Van Valkenburgh - Mercy was awesome, honestly, how did you feel about Mercy when she first appeared on the steps, She was a stupid bitch and was gonna cause trouble right? Then when Swan threatens to pull a chain on her, how did you feel? Oh poor stupid bitch now she's in trouble. This is also a very important part of the film that reminds you the Warriors are not real hero's. Then when Mercy is in the underground subway system, how did you feel? and how 'bout at the end of the film. Deborah had a tough role, she had to look sleezy and worthless and turn it all around at the end of the film. not sure many actresses would have had the GUTS to try that film.
Sam from Pittsburgh posts a message on 8/11/2005 10:37:07 PM Great message board....have been spenidng most of my time on the other site based in the UK...keep up the banter....this movie will rise again - even if the remake is lame.
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