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L posts on 4/14/2005 1:55:47 PM Is there a movie for the cay? It's for our school!
Kay posts on 4/13/2005 10:39:37 AM Does the movie "The Cay" exist ? Where can you buy it?
Shannon Pierce posts on 4/13/2005 12:12:44 AM I have also taught The Cay for 5 years and my kids LOVE IT!!! It is by far their favorite book. I, too, am looking for the movie with James Earl Jones. If anyone knows where I can get it, please let me know.

Amy Bonifield posts on 4/4/2005 8:40:56 PM I have taught the book The Cay for 5 years. I am still looking for the movie. Can anyone help me?
Anonomous posts on 4/2/2005 9:33:39 AM Where Is it possible to buy the movie The Cay?
Anonymous posts on 3/24/2005 10:25:28 AM Hi Im from Argentina, Buenos Aires I was looking for information about Theodore Taylor "The Cay" cause Im going to read it in school.This web site is fantastic. Kisses from Argentina, Lucia
Mr. Piccone posts on 3/23/2005 10:11:40 AM Deana, There is a similar movie called "Hell in the Pacific." Its about an American soldier and a Japanese one. Even though they can't speak to each other and they are sworn enemies, they learn to get along and respect each other. A great movie that both girls and boys enjoy. I have shown it to my seventh and eighth grade classes.
deana waddell posts on 3/21/2005 9:44:05 AM I'm in 7th grade and we just got finsh reading THE CAY and my teacher is looking for the movie or something very similar to THE CAY.
Ceasar Silbak posts on 3/15/2005 10:54:02 PM I am looking for The Cay to show my teachers and fellow students if anyone knows where its at plz tell me!!
EsmeIsIn posts on 3/15/2005 9:14:12 PM Read THe Cay in Language Arts. It was stupid. "Find de feesh young bahss!"
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