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Rita Constantineau posts on 12/8/2006 3:01:38 AM Having read The Great Los Angeles Blizzard a number of times (as I do with all books I enjoy) I have to say that I am deeply disappointed with Deep Freeze. Not only is it, in comparison with The Great Los Angeles Blizzard, a badly written novel, it is the same one, with only the names changed to protect the innocent characters in The Great Los Angeles Blizzard. Not only did I recognize the rewrite of The Great Los Angeles Blizzard the moment I started reading it, I must say I was very disappointed with the writing, and if this is to be the way the author puts out future books I will not be picking them up for my enjoyment. Not that I am so presumptuous as to think this will make any difference to his income from his books, nor presumably will he care, one way or the other, whether I read his books or not. Yours truly Rita Constantineau

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