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posts on 4/15/2006 12:10:43 PM I'm on book four. I have five and six. Looking forward to more. Great books. They're so refreshing. Wish they'd make a tv series.
posts on 4/14/2006 1:33:50 PM I wanted to read all of them--and in order. I couldn't find all of them locally, so I joined the Doubleday Book Club and ordered all of them. I numbered them when they got here, and read all of them. I am now reading them for the second time and expect to read them many more times. I am waiting for more!
posts on 4/13/2006 9:26:17 PM I was just wondering if these books need to be read in order. I am having a hard time finding them all.

posts on 4/11/2006 12:03:23 PM These books are amazing! I had the opportunity to meet them while on vacation last year. Very special people they are! I just read a troubleing article in a march NY Times article about Mr. Kinkade. Has anyone else read this?
posts on 4/10/2006 3:13:53 PM I absolutley love these books. I've read the first three and am starting the fourth as soon as my daughter has finished it. Hope a new one is on the horizon.
Katherine Spencer posts on 4/3/2006 12:14:56 AM Thanks to all for taking the time post message about my books. I've enjoyed reading all your comments. Writing is lonely business and it's very gratifying -- and amazing!-- to hear how much readers enjoy this series. I've just finished a new book, to be published Oct or Nov 2006. No title yet. The order of the books is: Cape Light, Home Song, Gathering Place, A New Leaf, Christmas to Remember and Christmas Angel. Pls write to me c/o Berkely Publishing, NYC.
Cindy posts on 1/10/2006 4:53:46 PM The order of the series for Thomas Kinkade And Katherine Spencer is as follows: Cape Light- March 2002, Home Song- Nov. 2002, A Gathering Place-May 2003, A New Leaf- Jan. 2004, A Christmas Promise- Oct. 2004, The Christmas Angel- Nov. 2005
Lisa posts on 12/20/2005 1:59:21 PM Here is the order beginning with the first one published: 1) Cape Light; 2) A Gathering Place; 3) A New Leaf; 4) Home Song; 5) A Christmas Promise; 6) The Christmas Angel. Here's to hoping there's another one soon!
david posts on 11/27/2005 4:02:10 PM How is it possible to see Kinkade or Spencer in person? Are there any book reviews that go on the road?
Ninette posts on 11/19/2005 2:00:34 PM This is the order that I was able to find for you and also the order I read them in....I'm almost done with The Christmas Angel now. Cape Light 2002 A Gathering Place : A Cape Light Novel 2003 A New Leaf : A Cape Light Novel 2004 A Christmas Promise : A Cape Light Novel 2004 The Christmas Angel : A Cape Light Novel 2005 Hope this helps!
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