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Alethea Webb posts on 1/6/2009 2:20:31 PM I just finished reading ‘Always for the second time. I must admit that it was a lot more entertaining than when I read it several years ago for the first time. I think it is due in part to me becoming a political junkie since the Presidential election of 2004. My candidate of choice did not win then but he sure did win this time. I thought it was so amazing how the similarities can be seems now between the election presented in this book and what the political pundits dub as the election of all times (the U.S Presidential election of 2008). Along with me being a romantic and you showing me the political side you took me to places I might not have ever realized. I think it is kind of sad that you are no longer writing novels, but if what you are doing fulfils your dreams then it’s okay because that ‘s what you are suppose to do. As I pass this book along to another reader, I can’t help but want to go to my bookshelf pull down and dust off the other three books of yours and read them for the second time. My God Bless you and your dreams.
Timmothy B.McCann posts on 2/3/2006 10:57:54 PM First and foremost I am flattered that you enjoyed the novel. I am offically retired from the literary field but honored that you would like to read more from me. Keep supporting AA fiction. Until... Timm
Arnetha Price posts on 1/16/2006 1:28:42 PM I read your books last night and found it to be great until I got to the end. Why did Michael have to end up with nothing? He was a great father yet he did not get a chance to be a part of either of his kids life. He was a good guy but yet he did not find love. You must do a sequel for him. I would like to know how his other child turn out. Will she ever know he is her father? Will Joe ever stop cheating on his wife? What will become of his son? Will Phillip truly truth his wife again? As you can see I already have it map out for Just kidding, but seriouly I would like to read a sequel. Have a nice day and I really did enjoy the book.

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