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Jessica posts on 11/26/2005 2:58:43 PM I just finished reading his newest, Night Train to Rigel, and just loved it. I've enjoyed the Cobra series and the Dragonback series immensely, so was just thrilled to find his latest at the library. It's plot was indepth and believable and had quite a twist--to have an enemy in so many and to be able to work as a cohesive group, like coral is ingenous! Keep it up Timothy Zahn.
Ron posts on 9/29/2005 10:51:03 PM Anyone who hasn't read it yet - do so! Something quite out of the ordinary from other novel. Truly a Fantastic read --- and I hope Zahn has a sequel set up for it already.
Steve Terry posts on 9/16/2005 8:32:13 AM I just finished the SFBC Cobra Trilogy. An enjoyable read. Book three is an obvious setup for another book. Is/will there be a forth? Will Jin find true love? Will Aventine and Qasaman reconcile or go to war? Will the Troft meddlers be meddled with or return to their evil ways? Will Priesly and the Jects prevail? Will Aventine politics distroy the Cobra ideals or will the people prevail? Will the Moreau name be forever sulleyed by the political agenda of hate or will Corwin emerge as a final victor and lead Aventine into a golden era of peace and prosperity? Will Dr. Whosit find a cure for Cobritis? Or will all Cobra's limp into the annals of history and disappear forever?

lani posts on 8/25/2005 8:01:32 PM ive read several none Star wars related books of Timothys that i have enjoyed. recently finished Icarus Hunt. starting Dragon back series. hmmmm wonder if thrawn could resurface?
tecate posts on 8/24/2005 11:54:45 PM that i love all of timothy zahns books dealing with star wars. i haven't read his other ones, but if they are as good as the star wars ones i would love to read them. i think that timothy zahn should make a book talking about what thrawn did before the heir of the empire series. i also am confused if luke and mara destroyed thrawn's clone in the hand of thrawn series. if someone can tell me that it would be cool, but if they didn't destroy it it would be cool if timothy zahn could write a book dealing with thrawn living through it. well i've never posted anything here so i don't know how it goes, but if mr. zahn could read this post it would be cool if he can respond to this. thanks.
bennett peter posts on 7/19/2005 4:47:43 PM Couldn't somebody tell me, please, the e-mail address of Timothy Zahn? I would like to write him a letter so much! (My e-mail is: Thanks for all!
MilSciFiFan posts on 7/1/2005 12:20:10 AM Just to let everybody know, some of the hardest books to find were the Cobra Series and the BlackCollar Series. In September 2004 they reprinted all three Cobra novels in one book called the Cobra Trilogy. According to Baen publishing the original BlackCollar novel is scheduled for reprint in January 2006!
Jack posts on 5/31/2005 11:53:55 AM Is there going to be a novel dealing specifically with Outbound Flight? That would be good. I thought SQ left a lot of unanswered questions: Why they had it in for the Jedi, for instance. I suppose a novel about Outbound Flight could also tie in with a lot of stuff from the prequel trilogy. Though it's been six years since the "second" trilogy started, I know of no novels which really integrate the two eras together without one being far and away dominant over another. (A novel about Luke discovering Padme's identity, for instance, would be downright riveting in my humblest of opinions.)
Bill Ramby posts on 5/31/2005 11:24:10 AM Were there just the three books in the Conquerors' series, or were more books done later? I just finished the series and would greatly enjoy reading more about this set of characters if it was continued later.
Lynskizats posts on 5/26/2005 12:13:37 AM Greatly looking forward to Outbound Flight! I read in an article recently that Zahn considered writing another Thrawn based story, but its marketability was questioned. How sad. Perhaps Survivor's Quest and Outbound Flight revenues will convince the powers that be otherwise.
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