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Leslie posts on 8/27/2010 1:30:47 PM If you enjoy Tom Clancy stories, you will also enjoy author Daniel Levine who wrote The Last Ember, fast paced novel.
Politico posts on 8/18/2010 11:12:41 AM I think Tom Clancy should run for President of the United States in 2012. He has all the right principles.
margaret posts on 6/6/2010 8:29:20 PM Hated Teeth of the Tiger. I want to read about Jack Ryan,not his son. If future books are in this format I will not buy them.

john posts on 4/20/2010 12:03:24 PM Why am I unable to download e-books of Tom Clancy anymore in the uk...this is a disaster!!!! And why am I unable to download his books on
Brian posts on 4/7/2010 5:15:24 PM AP: Clancy's 'Dead Or Alive' set for December release NEW YORK – Tom Clancy's next novel will be an all-star reunion. The author is bringing together such favorite characters as Jack Ryan and John Clark for "Dead or Alive," a thriller set in the post-Sept. 11 age of terrorism. Publisher G.P. Putnam's Sons, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA), announced Wednesday that it plans a first printing of 1.75 million copies when the book comes out in December. Clancy is known for such best-sellers as "The Hunt for Red October" and "Patriot Games."
Howie B posts on 2/24/2010 2:40:36 PM Clancy's "Splinter Cell Conviction" and Splinter Cell Endgame" are the same story lines. One is written from agent Sam Fisher's perspective of being hunted by a Splinter Cell team and the other is written from the team's perspective of hunting Fisher. In other words Clancy and his contract writers screwed us over. Times must be hard for them.
Paul Siesser posts on 2/12/2010 7:07:38 PM I am getting to the end of Executive Orders. Timing to read this is perfect in light of what is happening to this country today. I only wish this could be made into a movie before elections. I think the book is fantastic. I read a lot and therefore rate my books. This is definitely a 10
PTER posts on 1/7/2010 2:50:41 AM can you post a negative comment on this site about a book?
Lucius Draven posts on 3/11/2009 12:58:14 PM I LOVE all of the "Clancy" books no matter what any of you report because different people have different ideas on whats a good book.
James posts on 1/14/2009 1:27:31 PM Does ANYONE know where Tom Clancy is and why he has not published a new hardback in quite a few years? Has he quit writing such books? Is he permanently retired? The world events of the last 8 years have certainly been fertile ground for him to develop an intriguing plot for a new book. God knows we need a real Jack Ryan (and Jack Bauer) instead of the metrosexual commie we've put in the White House.
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