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Anonymous posts on 7/5/2005 1:03:50 PM the name of the book you asked about is "breaking point"
Karen posts a bold assertion on 2/21/2005 11:02:02 AM Hi Andy and Gunner, I heard that TC is coming out with a new book this year. Alas, it seems it will be a continuance of the "Teeth of Tiger" sort of book. I sent TC an email complaining about the jump from "bear and dragon" to "teeth". Said I felt like there was a death in the family with no notification to relatives ( that would be us the readers). TC wrote back and said "how do you think I felt when I killed Robbie?".
Andy posts on 1/25/2005 1:22:39 PM Just wondering if anyone knows any thing about the next book from Tom Clancy in the Teeth of the Tiger serise

Gunner posts a bold assertion on 1/25/2005 8:46:11 AM I was unable to post for quite awhile there, but it is good to see everything back up to normal. Is there a new book coming out in August? Any new movies getting started?
john posts a meandering thought on 1/17/2005 9:28:57 PM Hey guys, I have been out of the loop for a while due to computer problems. As for Cody I think he is kind of funny. He reminds me of a guy I saw at a restaurant last week. They were really busy. The hostess was calling out different names followed by party of however many. You know how they do. Then she called out someone with a party of one. Then I saw this geek loser come up. If I did not know better I would say that loser was probably Cody. I got a feeling we can terrorize him worse than he will ever bother all of us. In the mean time somebody think up some Clancy questions so we can get back in the swing. And Happy New Year everybody
Stevie Wonder posts on 1/17/2005 5:15:47 PM what is the name of the net force book where ppl are using stuff to make ppl go crazy( ex: killing sprees) if so where can i find a short review?
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