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ThomasProsser posts on 2/19/2009 3:13:48 PM Hello Tony.I have just had the pleasure in discovering you as a writer. I am about half way through Opium and am very impressed. The details of Asia in particular are rich and evocative. I am a writer living in California and have been working on a novel I have called An Opium War which takes place in the 1920s in San Fransisco and Hong Kong. I am 37 chapters in and believe I still have a long way to go. It is daunting as you know. So when I discovered your book in the Santa Monica library and saw its title, I snatched it. I am going to read all your work and wish you the best and would love to hear from you. I so admire the road you have taken of writing such quality literature and not taking an easy way out by catering to mass demands of the marketplace. I know it is not easy and you have my respect for sticking it out. In my opinion you deserve to be much more well known if only because your work is so good! You are a big time writer. Enough with the gush. Regards, Thomas Prosser
Gail Chase posts on 8/11/2005 2:45:08 PM Dear Tony, In reading "On Mexican Time" a received a big surprise. Not only was the story all that I had hoped for but the lyrical writing painted my eye on the page for longer than I had planned and in my mind longer than I expected. I write and found myself dreaming of your words instead of my plots. I plan to go to San Miguel next February for several months but I had not planned to do anything but hermit in some quiet neighborhood with a nearby cafe. Your book gave me many walkways that I might be tempted to try. If you or any of your readers know of a small place with a garden,I'd appreciate the contact. Gail Chase

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