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Brenden posts a message on 4/27/2005 2:18:06 AM Where can i buy it. im a huge fan of the series. I havent seen the movie yet.
Glenn posts a message on 1/31/2005 8:23:51 AM Does anyone know if its true?..Is "Eminem" going to be the new J-rock in the the movie out in 2005 ? Please post
toby posts a message on 1/27/2005 10:09:44 PM It was on twice Tuesday (Jan 25/05) on the IFC (Independant Film Channel), I was able to tape it on a vhs tape but I would like to purchase a DVD of the movie too.

R. Edmunds posts a message on 1/22/2005 10:41:59 AM Does anyone know where I could find a copy of the original Trailer Park Boys Movie?? Someone said that Showcase occasionally shows it, but I haven't been able to find it yet. Any help??

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