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Jerry Butkus posts on 1/18/2009 12:34:19 PM Just finished reading "After the Downfall", and enjoyed it very much as usual with Harry Turtledove's books. But I would like to point out one technical error concerning the weapon Pemsel had. The machine pistol he had was referred to as a Schmeisser, when it is actually an MP-40. That is a common error as Hugo Scmeisser did not develop the MP-40, but he did have a patent on the MP-40's magazine. The Schmeisser name was stamped on the magazine, so when captured by American troops they mistakenly called the MP-40 a Schmeisser.
Erin McNab posts on 4/5/2005 3:10:11 AM I just read a short story of Judith Tarr's that she wrote for Mercedes Lackey called Rebirth. I just somehow wanted to let her know that it is a beautiful story and that it moved me.

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