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Lena posts on 5/1/2008 11:30:58 PM Well considering Heaven: She assumed Jillian and Tony would pay for her college education because Luke said she would live with them. And so she thought that they would pay for her college if she was going to live there... I didn't like in POTW either. At times I had to force myself to like her. The Gemini series was cr*p.
Ashley posts on 5/1/2008 9:55:56 PM I liked Heaven but I thought she was a little selfish. When she went to her grandparents (which it turns out Tony was her father, but that's later) she automatically assumes that they would pay for her college education. Jillian mentioned that she was there for a visit in the limo and she was upset because she automatically assumed she would just live with them and they would put her through college. It isn't until later in the book that she discusses it with Tony. As for the Gemini Series, I really didn't mind it too much until Child of Darkness. But I like New Age stuff so maybe that's why I liked reading about a family interested in it. Plus it was disturbing how a mother could force her daughter to live her twin's identity. Although, I thought that boy and girl twins couldn't be identical...? I've read a lot of the posts concerning Flowers in the Attic Series. In a way I really didn't like Cathy. When she was in the Attic I did but in the next book Petals in the Wind I didn't. It's good to have confidence in yourself but she was obsessed with her beauty. She used to her advantage too. I honestly felt bad for Julian, even if he was abusive. He loved her but she didn't love him until it was too late. Then there was Bart... I found that she was quite rude to him when they first started seeing each other. If someone sent me all those flowers I think I would be flattered! Chris disgusted me. He made Cathy feel guilty about wanting other men and thought it was right what they had between them. He kept pursuing her even after they left the attic. I can understand why he wanted her in the attic, he was going through puberty and she was the only available female and she was beautiful. I felt bad for Carrie and kept hoping things would end up right for her. When she met Alex I was so excited only to read on later that she commits suicide. I felt bad for Cory the most though. He only had five years of childhood and then ends up dying. He never experiences freedom. He had talent and could have gone far with it. Remember when Amanda, Paul's sister said that Cathy miscarried? Well Paul later says she didn't. Does anyone believe she really did miscarry the babies she and Chris made together that night in the attic? They were twins that didn't separate. I don't believe Paul kept it though, I believe his story that it was a joke.
Lena posts on 5/1/2008 7:23:26 PM Hah, I suppose. Well, I'm only just-turned 13, so you know. Anyway, GOP was just like you said: forced to make things fit. It was forced anyway, and I don't think VCA actually meant for it to be written. It's the publisher's call, after all. A lot of it disappointed me, and the ending was so rushed. And it annoyed me how Annie acted like a twelve year old. She was at Farthy for only a week [so many missed opportunities *rolls eyes*]! And she kept whining and complaining about every little detail. I know her parents died a she was crippled and all, but jeez, have a little spine.

Jenny posts on 5/1/2008 2:51:06 PM H i Lena. Well he has said before how old he is and I forget but by his posts I would guess he is under 18 and also possibly a girl. Mainly due to some of the comments he makes. Quite immature and the sort of thing a teenager would say, not an adult. He only seems to see the obvious in the books and cannot see the deeper meaning in the actions of the character. He doesnt empathise with any of them as an adult would. As for GOP, I agree with you there. I think there was huge potential but a lot of things were left unanswered and things were added in an attempt to make things fit.
Lena posts on 4/30/2008 7:21:22 PM I also have absolutely no comment. Does anybody else think Gates of Paradise had a lot of wasted potential? I'm not going to elaborate until someone replies. Jenny: Older? How old do you think Christopher even is?
Jenny posts on 4/30/2008 4:27:12 AM Absolutely no comment. We will just have to agree to disagree on this one. As you get older you will see it more clearly.
Christopher posts on 4/29/2008 3:40:07 PM Does anyone really believe Julians actions were the result of an infatuation with Cathy? He was promiscuous and abusive before he even married her. If some other unfortunate girl had married Julian his actions would have been the same. He only cared about himself. Cathys true love for Chris and Paul was just Julians excuse. Did he want ALL of Cathys attention when he spent the night with someone else. Cathy gave him everything she could. She left another fiancé for him, sacrificed her career, put up with his infidelity, and moved away from her family just to please him. Julians actions were not the result of Cathy, they were the result of Julian. As for Cathy using Julian I agree, no one forced Cathy to marry him. She just wanted the benefits of being married to him, not the responsibility, she also used Julian to punish Paul whom she was angry with, rather than simply TALKING with Paul and giving him a chance to explain. Indeed Cathy is to blame for more troubles than Julian. Neithers bad behavior excuses or justifies the others. I agree that Cathy used Paul but not in the same way as you. Cathy slept with Paul simply to as she said set Chris free. Paul did not regret getting used for sex, he said his perverted memories of his ballerina were all he needed. But when Paul wanted marriage Cathy really took advantage of the situation. She should have TALKED to him about how she still truly loved Chris. I disagree that she used Paul towards the end of his life. She was certainly not destitute she could have run away with Chris but instead she married the invalid Paul to make him happy his last years on earth. I did think Paul was a great guy, but Cathy truly loved Chris. Dear Virginia. I am 100 pages into BROKEN FLOWER and it is captivating. Pretty disturbing even by my standards that the heroine is only six! I frankly think she is way too young to get involved with her 13 year old brother. Please do not spoil the rest for me. I really loved WEB OF DREAM it was by far the best of the CASTEEL books. It was amazing to see how different things were that what I had pictured. I expected her marriage to Luke Casteel to be the beginning of the horror but instead it was the beginning of her salvation. I cried for the last 150 pages. It was so amazing how poor Leigh went from the most unfortunate soul on the planet to the center of a fairytale so fast. It also took us back to the opening scene in HEAVEN when Grandma Annie explains to Heaven why her father became such a horrible person. Leighs tragic death utterly destroyed the whole family. Image just how differently the Casteel world would have been had Leigh lived. Dear Alba. Heaven certainly made some mistakes in life. Mistakes like Cathys that can only be described as INSANE as they were not selfish because they made her miserable as well. Yes, why leave the teaching job to go back to Boston. By now she should know that visiting the Tathertons would only result in misery. And then reunion with Troy. She should have been angry that he put her through all that misery and focused on Logan, her husband. She should know that money did not equal happiness. That is one thing I find odd about these books. The heroines meet an evil rich family only to become rich themselves. Corrine and Christopher and Leigh and Luke were able to find happy lives without money. But I still liked Heaven as a person because she did a lot of good.
Jenny posts on 4/29/2008 4:24:29 AM Agreed. It wont let me post what I wanted to say. Dont know why! But I agree with you!
Lena posts on 4/28/2008 7:26:42 PM Definitely. It's the ghostwriter. I think Fallen Hearts totally discredited a lot of Dark Angel's story. I think she should have told Logan about Troy. Think about all the guilt Logan must have felt because of what he did with Fanny. What Heaven did was NO better. Then Heaven goes on to talk about how it wasn't the same because "I love Troy, but I bet Logan doesn't love Fanny, so what he did was worse" [along those lines]. Cheating is cheating. It's not fair to say that. And then she BUYS Drake, after condemning Luke for selling his children. No matter what the conditions or motives, it's the exchange of children and money. And then in Gates of Paradise she never told Annie the truth. Annie at least deserved to know something. Heaven just became really selfish as the ghostwriter started writing the series.
Alba posts on 4/27/2008 8:50:55 AM I re-read Fallen Hearts last week and I have to say the more I read the Casteel books, the less I like Heaven. Does anyone else find her really arrogant in the later books? I know she had a hard life and struggled against the odds to do well but the way she just assumes she should take care of Drake and some of the things she says about she isn't surprised that Fanny is jealous of her really annoyed me. I know Fanny was a mixed up, horrible person but I don't actually think Heaven was that nice either as she continually looked down on people! And why did she leave her teaching job to be a rich man's wife in Winnerow if it had meant so much to her?
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