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posts on 9/1/2006 3:05:26 AM hey, the logan series is after landry. starting with melody.. i found it hard to start.. but now im onto the 3rd book, its quite good. im just intrested to see what kind of plots and twists this series will have :)
posts on 9/1/2006 12:36:17 AM Hey! Just wondering what the series after the Landry series is. Also how many series are there after that? Am I nearly half way to reading all her books? LoL!! Ta!!
posts on 7/13/2006 3:15:58 AM Well unfortunatly you wont be able to read any more books by her as she died nearly 20 years ago. She only wrote 7 books herself and the rest have been written by a ghost writer. How do you know if you are mentally stable or not and so, should read the books or not? Just curious.

posts on 7/9/2006 11:41:28 PM The books that i have read so far that were written by v.c.andrews are very emotional books and should not be read by persons are not mentally stable.Her books are very fascinating to me and keeps me longing to read another book written by her.She is a gifted writer . Most of her books that i have read made me break down and cry
posts on 6/28/2006 8:27:37 AM The bible quotes are in FITA...I don't think there's any in the new ones...
posts on 6/28/2006 6:59:40 AM memory might be fizzled. but i dont remember that happening!! so maybe it didnt in the new sad if this is true...
posts on 6/19/2006 3:21:43 AM The quotes that the children had to say to the Grandmother to prove that they have been reading the bible every day.
posts on 6/18/2006 5:33:38 PM erm i dont know if this helps or not! but what bible quotes? im so confused! i suppose ive been reading the new ones-but i dont remember the quotes unless ive just forgotten! i hope they havent changed it! i want to read the original ones...sorry if ive just made things even more complicated!
posts on 6/18/2006 5:43:27 AM I have only got the original book. I have never bought any that had the new covers so cant answer whether they were changed in any way but I shouldnt imagine so.
posts on 6/17/2006 6:12:57 PM HAs any body else got the original flowers in the attic book does all the others have the bible qoutes in? Mine is 27 years old and virginia was writing petels on the wind when it came out and i'm very curious
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