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posts on 9/23/2006 6:27:55 PM I was unfortunate enough to read this very predictable book whilst on holiday and only read it to the end in the hope that the author would, at some stage, show that she knew what she was talking about. My late father was a priest, as is my husband and I found the portrayal of the vicar offensive in the extreme. The referral to Tim being called out in emergency to identify the second body and the sarcastic remark, "an emergency Baptism, I suppose" was particularly childish. Is she aware that emergency Baptisms are performed when a person, often a baby or child, is close to death? Not a funny or clever remark. Emergencies to which clergy are called out are usually when people are at their lowest; when a child is dying or has just died, when someone is suicidal, when a spouse of many years has been given only weeks to live. One emergency my husband dealt with involved a mother whose four sons, all under the age of six had died in a house fire while alone in the house. Why don't you do some research, Ms Stallwood, before ridiculing a group of people who contribute far more to society than most others?

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