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Steve Doiel posts on 8/19/2005 4:05:38 AM Dear Mr. Gischler, I am but halfway through what I hope is my first Ginschler "experience": namely, "Pistol Poets". I felt I needed to take a moment to tell you how profoundly I am enjoying it. Your book is quite unlike any other reading I have known. You actually put me "right there", make me feel like part of the action, like it's all raining down around my ears, and it's close and immediate and genuine... and FAST! At times when I come up for air, it feels as if I've just come back from a very macabre and realistic dream. That's not to say that other authors can't conjur different new worlds or lead one to vicariously experience the color and sound and sweat and pulse and such of their proposed situations. But MAN,... You cut so close to the bone!! I'm like to fall right out of myself for hangin' on! One for instance: When Prof. Morgan is unwittingly dealt the death of Annie Walsh, the whole situation is whisked out of his hands before he can even process his feelings or guage a proper response to the situation, and the angst that gnaws him about it through the rest of the book...the fear of reprisal and the guilt of his measure of responsibilty... Well, that angst gnaws me something fierce! I literally strain from worry for him! I think I borrow this sympathetic paranoia because I just KNOW that if it were to happen to me, it would come down just exactly that way! A voice from my infused American media wiring keeps whispering in my inner ear, "You can't make this stuff up, folks!" Now THAT proves to me the realism in your writing. And your characters... love 'em or hate 'em, I CARE about them. I don't know how many novels I have bailed on half way through because I simply couldn't care less about the characters. I hate the ensuing feeling that I've wasted my time and money. I need never worry about that with your writing, I think. All of your characters are sharply defined and dead-on. I know several of them personally. They live not far from me. Anyway, let it suffice to say that I've never written an author, have never been so excited about something I was reading before I had even finished, and that herein, I intend to seek out all of the Victor Gischler (I had to check the book cover to remember your first name!) writing that I can lay my hands on. Thank you for being so marvelous. Sincerely, Steve Doiel

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