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Larry Manchester posts on 2/1/2006 10:08:29 PM Anyone feel the same as I? After completing my fourth book, I realize I have started pacing my reading. The first two I flew through, never wanting to put down the book. However, I have learned that to truely appreciate these books, one must stop reading far short of where he would like. In the interim, I occupy myself with some trite task, knowing that next to the couch Mitch lies in wait. It has taken considerably longer to read the last two, but I am no worse off for the slower pace. Tonight I purchased two additional books on the internet, and I actually hope the delivery will be prolonged. Then I will truely savor the moment when the next cover can be cracked.
Jon posts on 1/26/2006 7:38:16 PM I have now read every book in the series and I would have to say that my favorite scene actually didnt even involve mitch rapp directly. When I read about Albert Rudin holding up a black and white photo of mitch rapp on national tv I was locked in. However, i almost came off my couch when President Hayes went on his press conference and shut down Rudin, not only embarassed him but gave Mitch the kudos he's been deserving through the whole series. It was almost like cruel justice. And of course as is the case with probably most military members I enjoy reading books by an author who is not afraid to right the simple truth about what men are capable of when its in defense of their country. I love the graphic nature of the book, the no nonsense approach to the obviously more sidestepped area of violence.
Mitch posts on 1/26/2006 1:39:20 PM Can anyone recommend another book or author with a character similar to Mitch Rapp until the next Vince Flynn novel comes out? Thanks.

dagger posts on 1/24/2006 9:03:59 PM what is the best order to read his books in? i started by reading transfer of power but would like the order. and was transfer of power the first on with rapp in it?
Andyem posts on 1/19/2006 11:08:04 AM The entire series is so addictive is unbeleiveable. He gives you just enough detail to not bore you to death as seen in some of the clancy novels. The problem is knowing one day the novel series will end. LOL And this is coming from someone who hates to read but loves the 24 series show which made me pick this series to read.
Rumel posts on 1/18/2006 10:56:25 PM I read Memorial Day, Consent to kill and started to read Transfer Of power. Vince's books are awesome. I am an U.S. Marine Veteran and I know exactly what Vince is trying to say. Its not easy out there. The way the books are written is awesome specially for a person like me who doesnt like reading books. Keep up the good work for readers like me. I expect to see your next book exactly the same way. Of course bring Mitch Rapp back in action even though he's heart broken after his wife's death (Anna Reily). We need more man and women like Mitch Rapp in this country to deal with threats of terrorism. Like Rapp I dont like politicians at all. At the end like to say Thanks to Vince to give the action in the books. Cant wait to see your next book. Rumel
Robert T. Hardcastle posts on 1/16/2006 6:14:33 PM While visiting a family member in the hospital in Los Angeles in November-December 2005 I picked up "Executive Power" and began reading from the middle of the book to deal with the onset of worry and boredom. More than 100 pages later I was hooked on protaganist Mitch Rapp. Upon my return home I vowed to buy all of VF's books and start from the beginning. I've just finished the first four books and now return to "Executive Power" from the beginning. I have very infrequently encountered the "can't put it down" books but VF's books qualify, from the first page of "Term Limits", as one of the best reads I've ever enjoyed. VF's attention to detailed description, character development over several books, inter=personal relations with Reilly and Kennedy are terrific. Flynn is better than Clancy's later books and head and shoulders above Cussler. I think Mitch Rapp and Jack Ryan would make a great meeting in a future book. I STRONGLY VF's books as a better than great read!
Muldoon 'TheThirdOption' posts on 1/13/2006 10:04:20 PM Term Limits, Transfer of Power, The Third Option, Separation of Power, Executive Power, Memorial Day, & Consent to Kill. They are all great books and build upon each other.
chris posts on 1/13/2006 9:47:05 PM I would like to know the order that the books were written.
craig mack posts on 12/27/2005 10:10:55 PM Read them all over the last month. Never got into fiction before or left a message in some forum. Can't believe how absorbed in the material I have become. And now, with the end of consent to kill in mind, I can't help but think Mitch Rapp is through. Any new additions to the series planned or am I to be doomed to boredom again?
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