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tiffany posts on 1/8/2010 4:27:52 PM well i was 10 when i read the casteel series and thought it was the best and from then on read about 5 chapters everyday and i want to become an author and now im 13 ive read the series 3 times and i still cry when the emotion gets high sometimes my mum walks in and asks why im crying and all i say is the books and the thinking you do after trying to find out whos, whos dad and whos uncle in fact my teachers are giving me books for school to read from their house
Jenny posts on 2/24/2008 3:09:26 PM It is more to do with the fact that not all the books were written by her and Andrew Neiderman couldnt be bothered to read the first 2!
Alba posts on 12/29/2007 10:24:18 AM Also, I have a question about Tony Tatteron and I'm eager to hear your thoughts. In WOD the last chapter is a letter from a detective agency shortly after Leigh ran away, saying she's pregnant etc. So Tony must have known there was a strong possibility that Heaven was his daughter. When she arrived at Farthy, he warns her off Troy then when they announce they're getting married he welcomes it and says he knew all along she was slipping through the maze and that he encouraged it. But later forbids the wedding and spills the truth about Leigh and him when Troy reveals Heavens true age. But he knew all along she could have been his daughter, so why let them fall in love? My thoughts are that he he is a control freak who enjoys playing God with other people's lives - what do you think?

Emma posts on 10/21/2006 9:32:37 AM Having read all 11 of her books (more than once each) I truly believe that her main message is that money corrupts everyone who is privy to it's charms. Having said that, when I start to read her books I can't put them down until I have finished the last one!!
Lu posts on 10/17/2006 10:40:10 AM it would be great for some more of the books to be made into movies id love to see the gemini books or orpahans onto dvds i know it would cost alot to do them all!!
posts on 10/10/2006 4:14:00 PM No, that was the only one made in thst series. There was a rumour that POTW would be made but I think they realised it would be a bit hard with one of the main characters having been killed off! Also, I think they realised that the FITA film was rubbish so just didnt bother.
posts on 10/8/2006 3:12:55 PM can you get any of the other dollanganger series on video or dvd as well as fita,
posts on 9/30/2006 8:25:00 PM The FITA movie was boring. I wish they'd remake it so that it can be as exctiting as FITA the book was. The Landry series is real good! I read the whole series. I really like Ruby, her daughter Pearl, and her mom Gabrielle. There are several other series after the Landry one, but immediately following it is the Logan series. It's ok.
posts on 9/30/2006 11:44:16 AM Hi Everyone, how is everyone? I'm ok. I got my copy of VCA's 'Flowers in the Attic' DVD at Zellers (a Canadain version of Walmart). Canada also has Walmart. It was cheap cause it's an old movie (under $10 before taxes). You could also check with your local video store or a music store (some Used Music/Movie stores have ordering options for hard to find things). You could also order online from online movie sites. I hope this was helpful.
posts on 9/30/2006 4:55:48 AM I watched this film, and i was disopointed by it.. im going to stick to reading the books as this dvd is nothing like the book!! And the acting is not good either.
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