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posts on 9/30/2006 3:35:14 AM mine would be the xmas party at foxworth hall where cathy comes dressed as corinne did all those years before
posts on 9/11/2006 4:36:53 AM I think the only dvd you will get is FITA. Rain is being made into a movie but I suspect will go straight to dvd! Where are you from? You shoulf be able to get FITA but it isnt very good, especially if you love the book.
posts on 9/10/2006 5:55:44 PM hi everyone :) it's good to be back:) i meen i hadn't been here in a while :) anyway...Ray, i just wonther where i can get a dvd of the movie/movies (if it exist more than one) you talk about...i don't live in u.s.a, so if you know it's hard to get a dvd of one off her movie...plz if you know something about anything, then plz let me know :)bye see you later :)

posts on 9/1/2006 12:30:42 AM Hey! Just wondering what the series after the Landry series is. Also how many series are there after that? Am I nearly half way to reading all her books? LoL!! Ta!!
posts on 7/16/2006 11:21:44 PM Hi everyone, I have all the VCA novels up to date. My fave is 'Flowers in the Attic', I have the dvd as well. I couldn't tell the books were written by Andrew Neiderman til I read 'Raven' the reason being I figured it out was cause not many females know that much about sports. I agree Andrew Neiderman's writings of VCA is different, but under his own name he's good. As for what type of book I'd like to see is a handicapped gay male main character. It's not easy being handicapped, or gay, but to be both is a challenge I face personally.
posts on 7/6/2006 4:11:26 PM what is the next book in the summer series summer was the best book by far.still brother and sister incest but far more like real life
posts on 7/4/2006 2:43:02 PM Kiara, read down. Your question has already been answered!
posts on 7/3/2006 1:40:19 PM hey.i read that a movie is bein made based on rain. does anyone no what it is called or when it comes out?
posts on 6/26/2006 5:45:42 AM heaven is a great book and i advice everyone to read it and i made all my friends read the book to
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