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posts on 5/7/2006 3:23:51 PM Ira Kandell, if you read my post again I did not say that Gregory Smith was Dibs. I said that Gregory Smith was like Dibs in that he had such a powerful humanity. I read the Dibs book before even Gregory Smith was born so I know it is NOT Dibs. In the book it showed that Dibs had great potential to become a leader in some field, but like many gifted children the transition to leadership does not always happen and Dibs may have just as likely dropped out of society, killed himself or become some non entity. It remains to be seen if Gregory Smith makes the transition into successful adulthood. Gregory Smith is aged 15 at time of writing.
posts on 5/3/2006 8:10:02 AM As mentioned many times on this web page, information about Virgina Axline can be gained from her two books, Dibs and Play Therapy. Additional information can be found from..There is a Virginia Axline Fund and more information on the author at The Columbus Foundation, 1234 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio I see that Mabon mentiones who he thinks is Dibs. He mentions Greg Smith. This is to let you know that Dibs is NOT Greg Smith. Dibs took place in the 1960's, and the book Dibs was published as a hardcover book before 1960. In the book, she writes that the 2nd Avenue train in Manhattan was running at the time, and the train was taken down before 1962. Dibs identity is confidential, and if you read the book, you would see that, it is mentioned many many times. Ira Kandell
posts on 5/2/2006 10:08:53 PM i am trying to write a 10 page paper on Virginia Axline and i cannot find anything on her early life, family life, education anything. Can someone help me??

Mabon Dane posts on 3/26/2006 12:13:41 AM Hello everyone. I have not posted here in a little while. For info of all new posters Dibs was a real person but his personal details are hidden forever and you will never know what became of him. Enjoy the book and I hope you experience the warm humanity of the child within that book as you read it. I will let you know of a child who perhaps has become something that so many would have liked Dibs to become. His name is Greg Smith who was born June 1989. You may wish to search for him on the internet. The terms and conditions of this web site prevents me giving you his website address. he is rather amazing and very gifted kid with already 4 Noble Peace Prize nominations and at the age of 15 is about to take his PhD.
sabbath posts on 2/18/2006 4:41:32 AM I found Dibs to be a very inspiring book, and Dibs a very inspiring and interesting person. As a confused teenager it helped me to understand and clear up a few confused emotions and questions that have bugged me all my life. It also made me understand my parents more, and it actually helped me gain acceptance of the fact that there always are expectations from other people, that there always are standards, normal mode of conduct. It made me realize that I didn't have to meet those expectations, or follow those standards. I can be myself. But like Dibs, I must be responsible for my feelings and actions as well. Dibs is a great book. I loved it, and it made me love psychology even more. I have been interested in the topic even during my primary years. I am a student of an institution for the gifted as well. It has made me understand myself more, and even other people. I only hope Dibs is doing fine. But then, I know he is. As I said I wanted it. As you said you wanted it. As we said we wanted it. -Dibs The best wishes for you too, miss A! A special name, for a special friend. Goodbye! Happy goodbye!
Ana Sutton posts on 2/15/2006 2:35:27 AM This past summer I was on a cruise in Europe and met a student of Virginia Axline at Columbia. I asked to interview her, since I am a Registered Play Therapist. These is what she said 1. Virginia Axline was a very kind and sweet instructor, who never gave grades. 2. Dibs was a real child not a compile of different cases. He came from a wealthy family. 3. Dibs is transformed so as not to be recognized. She gave me the feeling that the careers of the parents were not real and that Dibs had a younger sibling, besides Dorothy. Since my last posting I found out Dibs has been translated into Spanish and it is called "Dibs en busca del Yo" Although I was fortunate enough to get a find a copy in Argentina, it is currently out of print. We need more Virginia Axlines in this world, to help children such as Dibs. I often have wondered what would have happened to him, if she had not come into his life. Obviously, the ones with the problems were the parents, and not the child. All he needed was the safe and protected space, the acceptance of the therapist, the reflection and the limit blossom! I find that book inspiring!
Camila posts on 2/14/2006 9:43:11 PM i hate this book now it is so bad Kill it you would be crazy to love it i found somthing so bab about it you would faint!!
gracey posts on 2/14/2006 5:46:29 PM i know that it is confedential but does anyone know anything about Dibs after his last session with Axline. I don't mean personal, but if he is doind alright now.
tomaustin posts on 1/2/2006 11:14:23 PM does anyone have a photo of virginia axline. the books do not have a jacket with the usual photo/bio of the author.
daphna26 posts on 12/16/2005 3:37:31 PM Yes. I know that Dibs's identity is iconfidential, though by telling us about what happens with him now doesn't need exposal of his identity.
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