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Ana Sutton posts on 12/15/2005 10:46:19 PM I am a RPT (Registered Play Therapist) I was wondering where to find out if Dibs has been translated into Spanish.
Ira Kandell posts on 11/24/2005 12:24:40 PM If you want information about Axline's life, read her books, Dibs and Play Therapy
Camila posts on 11/24/2005 8:40:30 AM I read Axline's book Dib's in search of self and I would like to have more informations of Virginia Axline, I've read here that I could obtain informations of her biography at The Columbus foundation, but I live at Brasil and I would like to know if there is any place at internet where I could find out something about her life.

Daphna posts on 11/21/2005 4:49:44 AM Hello, Do you have any idea of what have become of dibs, because I understood that it's a real story and I'm very interesting to konw wether he recovered once and for all. I also wander what have happend to him since. Also, How can I raech Axline homepage or any other information. Thank you.
Ira Kandell posts on 11/15/2005 9:00:17 AM If you read the books as you claim, you would realize the identity of Dibs is confidential
Joan posts on 11/14/2005 9:02:29 PM I read this book many years ago and was very impressed by it then and have just reread it and still very impressed. I am rather interested in finding out how Dibs is doing now. If my calculations are correct, he was 15 in 1964 when the book came out (at least the soft cover version I have) which would make him about 56 in 2005. Anyone have any information on him. Plus what do you think his problem was-I think it may have been a form of depression or neglect where he wasn't allowed to utilize his very high intelligence until Ms. Axline made others realize it.
Ira Kandell posts on 9/26/2005 7:39:40 AM There is a Virginia Axline Fund and more information on the author at The Columbus Foundation, 1234 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio
Carla Sharp posts on 9/26/2005 1:41:05 AM To the student at Mumbai University, there is much information on the web regarding play therapy. There are training centers informal and formal all over the world, but am not sure if there are any in India. I am also looking for biographical information on Axline for a class I am teaching.
jesal posts on 9/22/2005 3:27:27 AM i am student of mumbai university. i am in frist year master in home science. i could not find the biography of virginia axline. i will be greatful if you can guide me. thank you.
Ira Kandell posts on 9/11/2005 9:30:15 AM There is a Virginia Axline Fund and more information on the author at The Columbus Foundation, 1234 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio
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